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One a Day – Episode 23

Oh I’m so embarrassed it has been far too long and yet you lovely readers have still been visiting my little world. Thank you so much.

It has been a busy no scrap that hectic time. The days just seem to be flying by in a whirl of crafting, decorating, playing mummy and making home. But all of this was interrupted the last week with a little trip to the hospital that turned into a long stay.

You see part of the reason for my absence has been a persistent pain in my tummy which has made me exhausted, cranky and left me with a complete lack of motivation to do anything. I have to admit even my beloved crochet and knitting has been neglected over the last couple of weeks.

But I’m glad to report that I’m all better after a few days in hospital, where they made me fast for so long, I feel much better and it was so nice to finally get a reason for my pain and have it all fixed up and made better.

I have been trying to get back to hexipuffing too and have tried to always have one on the needles at all times.

I now have a total of 139 hexipuffs

and I need make 254

in 197 days

Oops I seem to have fallen another week behind. I am really struggling to hexipuff lately. I still like making them I even made Mr C admire how perfect one was the other day. He was rather amused and agreed it was very lovely, but I’m not getting that giddy with excitement feeling. I guess part of that is that I’m not joining them together as I go, purely because I want to be able to play with 383 hexipuffs before I put them altogether, but I’m left with just a big box of hexipuffs – no blanket in progress and it’s leaving me a little empty and with that need to make a blanket feeling. But I’m already doing such a big project can I start another huge project too?

Even though I’m falling even more behind I’m well on my way to having a

truck load of hexipuffs.

Nigh Nigh



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One a day – Episode 22

I actually managed to make 7 hexipuffs this week and finish off this book above for My bookclub on Goodreads “Bookclub Bitches” xcuse my language :).

Now this book has had rave reviews and was even a finalist for a National Book Award, but I just didn’t get it. I mean I understood it but I just couldn’t put faces to the characters I felt they were all very one dimensional and the fables that ran through the background while being intriguing resulted in me being disappointed by the end without giving away anything.

But hexipuffs we shall talk

With the 7 made this week I have a total of 121

I still need to make 263

in 212 days so as you can see I have done no catch up knitting and am still far behind. But I’m totally amazed that I managed 7 while reading a book and also a little sickie. Poor Little Princess has come down with a bad case of tonsilitis. Monday she had such a high fever that her little body looked like it was all sunburn she was so sick she couldn’t even crawl, she would get up on all fours and than flop on the floor unable to gather anymore strength. But through all this she has been so cuddly and just been cuddling into me which as an active 1 year old hardly ever happens now. Today she is much better just a bit grisly but oh so ever cuddly still.

I noticed that Carole over at Gingerbread Girl hasn’t posted in a while I hope she does today but if not pop over to raverly and check out all the other great one a dayers.


P.S. I’m not sure if I have said this but I’m having trouble commenting on blogger blogs using my wordpress account and can only comment if the blogger account allows you to use your name and address.

Is anyone else having this problem or is just me I would love to know if any other wordpress users have had this problem and if any blogger users no why this is happening to me.



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One a day – Episode 20

Well I seem to have broken the promise to myself and only made 6 hexipuffs this week and now this post will have to be flying post too, so I’m apologising in advance. But I am busy packing and cleaning the house as we go on holidays in 2 sleeps. Yep thats right I’m counting sleeps I’m that excited. This will be my first holiday in so long I just can’t wait to have 6 whole days of no cooking, no bed making and no house cleaning just fun times realxing in the sun.

I’m also planning little princess’ 1st birthday and this may have played a part in me being one short this week

Hasn’t pinterest made party planning so much easier you can find everything on there. I’m in love and addicted again.

I also started several new projects this week but I’m not sure on the colours on one. So it is sitting around the house for me to look at, you know catch it out of the corner of my eye, sit next to it and see if the colours grow on me or whether it’s just needs a good old froggin. The other project I started is Nana Squares, I’ve loved these little squares for so long and decided I need more cushions for the couch and one made of mini nana squares is just the thing.

I need 8 of each colour and there is more colours to come. I plan on sewing on a fabric back.  Being a bit lazy this time but also I love crochet cushions with fabric backs, maybe I subconciously think they are prettier because they are easier, hehe.

Well like I said flying visit today off to finish packing have managed to pack B’s, K’s and half of little princess’ into one suit case now for mine and Mr C’s plus toiletries. Wish me luck to fit it all in.

Don’t forget you check out more one a days over here.

Edit – P.S lovely one a day ladies I am having trouble commenting on people’s blogs ever since that reply button popped up I press publish but nothing happens or it just keeps saying the letters I entered are wrong (they are not) any one know what’s going on and how I can fix it.

Edit 2 – I have figured out how to comment on blogs Yeah! But unfortunately I can only comment as Name not from my wordpress account, so ladies if I haven’t commented I visited and all your one  a days look amazing xx



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One a day – Episode 19

Oops a daisy last week I was positive I had been making a hexipuff a day but it turns out I may have lied a little because after the count this week I was very sorry to discover that I had only added 3.5 puffs to my total. Thats 3.5 puffs in 2 weeks not 1. Oh dear that is very terrible I really must get back to making these little puffs of joy. I may have made a dismal amount of puffs for the last 2 weeks but excitement did set in as I was counting and I started to head up in the 90’s and I discovered that I have finally cracked that magic number



I’ve made 101 Hexipuffs

this number makes me so happy

it makes me want to start knitting right now and crack the half way mark

I’m promising myself to knit at least one a day this week

But now for the scary bit am I still on schedule or -as I suspect – have fallen behind . . . far behind

So I still need

209 Hexipuffs

which need to be made in

254 days

I can’t believe I’m on track, I suspect somewhere a long the way I have miscalculated.

With only 3 puffs made this week I have been busy doing  a little crochet for this wonderful blanket. The idea is that we all send our squares to Stocki and she puts the blanket together and then one of the lovely contributors wins the blanket to have in their very own home. 1 square = 1 entry so the more you make the more chances you have of winning and getting a beautiful blanket handcrafted by some amazingly talented ladies from around the world. Now I signed up to join in but I was under no delusions that this blanket would ever make it’s way to my house. I have actually never won anything in my life, it’s not that I think I am unlucky but I definitely don’t have the lucky lottery winners gene. I do however love the idea of a blanket from all over the world in an array of colours going to someones loving crafty home and with this I set about making my squares

I used 4 different patterns and I absolutely loved making these squares. It was a great chance to try out those patterns I had seen around but was not commited to making a whole lot to form anything. Though those Hawiian flowers (bottom left) are so much fun to make I might need to make something with those. I do hope Stocki can join them in as a square. I did however realise that, that one middle far left is going to be pretty hard for her to join oops . . sorry Stocki. The square with the flower is from Rose Hip though I worked a few more rounds of granny around the flower they are super cute and were exactly what I was after. The one far right bottom I had found a long time ago on a blog called Millie makes and the pattern is called ‘something pretty’ doesn’t that just sound devine. It was my first pattern with popcorns and I found it quiet confusing to follow but after a quick you tube video on popcorns I was off and running.

Well I must go make hexipuffs now, want to get to that magic half way mark now, who knows I might just have a blanket pretty soon.

Don’t forget to check out all the other talented one a dayers I’m off to take a look now





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One a day – Episode14/15

So you may have noticed I fell off the one a day wagon last week and did not post, I did think I had made hexipuffs, no where near one a day but at least one


I counted all my hexipuffs already made being 84

and discovered I only had 2 to add so this resulted in a mad search of the house

because I just must of made more than 2 in 2 weeks

I looked under the couch

behind the cupboards

in the baby bag

and discovered



so that means in 2 weeks I made 3 and a 1/2 hexipuffs

well I really have fallen off the wagon

My total is 87.5 hexipuffs

with a total of 306.5 puffs to make

in 314 days

still on track woo hoo!!

Must get back on track though, have really enjoyed picking up the needles and knitting these little squishy hexis of joy.

I also put in the post today 2 hexipuffs for The UK Handmade and Jelly I know I’m in aus but I just love the idea of crafting for charity and find it so hard to resist. I am always over extending myself so I try not to take on too much  but 2 hexipuffs took no time at all and was easy to fit around the many things that seem to be piled on top of the already busy schedule at Christmas time. For instance we took in the teacher gift today and the little presents for all the kiddies in B’s class I will be back to show you tomorrow so so cute.

Well I can’t leave you with out some hexipuff adventures and of course it’s that time of year

so a fitting photo for December

Hexipuff Christmas Tree.

Check out the other one a days over at Carole’s

Sorry to run but I’m eating in to Mr C’s computer time and he is patiently waiting for me to finish

so I must fly

bye bye



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One a day – Episode 13

All I can say is oops, I have made no hexipuffs at all this week, if you are a follower of mine on Facebook you would have seen I have been knitting a cardigan and it is driving me crazy. I am down to one sleeve left, but hexipuffs have had to be put aside because if I put this cardigan down I may not ever pick it up. So instead this week I’m giving you all flowers to say sorry for the no progress.

Don’t forget to check out all the other one a days over at  Caroles that’s where I’m off to.


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One a day – Episode 12

Firstly I think I will probably need to apologize for this post in advance. Tuesdays are Karate night in our house so Tuesday is already a rush of a day, I never seem to be able to organise myself to have dinner ready before Karate at 5.30, so we get home at 6.30 and it’s rush rush rush and this post is being written in that rush. Dinner is in the oven, kiddies are nude one in the shower one waiting, little princess has just finished her dinner and she is now in bed. So we are right in the midst of rush hours here, and this tuesday is even more disorganised as today our new bedroom suite arrived and I have spent the day putting all our clothes in new draws and organising all our other clothes. I can’t show you,  yet I haven’t prettified it yet. But you know what with a 6 draw tall boy, a 7 draw dressing table, 2 3 draw bedside tables and a 2 door closet and our clothes still do not fit in. Though I swear I don’t have a lot of clothes, I think it’s generally things I hardly wear and I believe a lot of the problem must be all those jumper Mr C has and never wears.

Okie Dokie well it’s not discuss your new bedroom suite day it’s One a Day Tuesday which means

The puffs are in town

Only 6 came to visit this week

But hey I’m still ahead of schedule so no need

for a puffing melt down . . . yet.

You might have guessed from the photos I also forgot to photograph my puffs

So a few quick shots were taken outside on the car bonnet

while I waited for the boys at Karate

I’m sure the other mummies thought I was a crazy lady.

On other puff related bussiness I got a new little case to take my puffs with me.

Isn’t it pretty, it perfectly fits wool, 3 dpn needles, crochet hook and some stuffing

well of course before I go

like I said the puffs are in town

and you better not mess with them.

Today’s puff’s were brought to you today by Mr C

no puff’s were harmed in the making

of this puff episode

Love to all

I’m off to see all the other one a days here



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One a Day – Episode 11

What a week it has been, we have been so busy, but when I sit down to write all the things we have been doing I can not think of one. Must just be busy with life I’m sure you all know how that gets when nothing much is really happening but you never seem to be stopping it’s just go, go, go all the time, this is us right now, busy doing nothing. And because of this my little corner of blog land seems to have gone unloved for a whole week, I promise I will make up for this with lots to show you this week. But first of all is my one a day  . . .


Here come the hexipuffs

10 hexipuffs were made this week

(I know the photo says 9 but I found one behind the couch :))

leaving 316 hexipuffs left to make

in 323 days

totally doable

Well that’s the stats out of the way

now on to last weeks question

‘keep going random or sit down and plan the colours??’

and the answer seems to be a big resounding keep going random.

All of your suggestions were great, I especially loved Secret Sheeps comment about how I will be able to remeber where all my yarn came from I love that and thought I might start letting you guys know where some of my stash has come from

This week the yellow is from my first ever crocheted blanket

I made a granny square throw for my little nephew

The orange is from my granny stripe blanket

I found it at the back of a random cupboard completely unused I must of bought too much


Also Sarah brought up if it would match and I realised that all my crochet projects are different colours, so the blanket will actually tie all the randomness together, :) I obviously like buying pretty new yarn and change my mind alot.

Thanks for all your comments and if you haven’t already I highly recommend reading faiths comment from last week. Hilarious!!

Last but not least, where did Mr Hexipuff go

Well to the

Wild West of course

I’ll leave you all with a


I’m off to gingerbread girl to check out all your one a days



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One a day – Episode 10

Woo Hoo

Beat last weeks tally

Made a nice little 11 hexipuffs this week

I even learned to change colour this week

see that little pink and blue one yep colour change there :)

We are now on 68 hexipuffs in total

with 326 hexipuffs left to make

in 332 days

I’m enjoying see that total hexipuffs knitted number go up each week, I’m still enjoying knitting them and they are becoming quite quick and easy.

I am somewhat troubled though

I’m wondering if you lovelies could help me out?

When I started this project I decided to use all my left over yarn, However I did not realise this project would take so long I mean a year is a long time to work on something especially when you don’t see it grow. I am still loving knitting but while I knit there is a nagging question in the back of my head ‘should I have chosen colours for this blanket instead of using up my stash and making it random’

So girlies (and maybe some gentlemen) I need your thoughts,

‘keep going random or sit down and plan the colours??’

What do you think?


P.S I love visting all the one a dayers blogs and leaving comments on all your amazing creations, you are all such talented ladies and a big thank-you for all your lovely thoughts here.

I do try and get back to everyone or visit your blog I’m sorry if I haven’t

most of the time I’m blog reading and typing comments one handed while little princess is on my lap

so sometimes I think I have but haven’t really.

But I do love all you one a dayers you’re am inspiring, talented and amazing group of women.

Not a part join up here or just check out this amazing women over here.

That’s what I’m off to do



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One a day – Episode 8

I can’t believe another week has gone by


I’m not finished

I thought I had 6 and the one on the needles would make 7

but alas one seems to have grown legs and gone for a walkie

so now I’m behind


I think I can be forgiven with the weekend


Though I did manage to knit one Saturday

Sunday was a forgotten day.


So the tally is

47 Sparkling hexipuffs

(yes they sparkle)

347 hexipuffs to make in

346 days

I also forgot about one a day post

so I am very late and

I forgot to take my puffs

for an adventure however

I think this photo is fitting hehe

Well I’m off to go check out all the other a one a days

I’m not sure if Carole is having a linky this week but check her out here



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