Crochet Improvement

Recently we got a new couch, we were lucky enough to inherit one so it was free and therefore we did not choose the colour. Not that I am complaining as any couch would of been fantastic, as our old couch was one my mum had given us and was 10 years old and the last year had taken its toll on it with my big preggie bum sitting on it (hehe). Anyways, as we didn’t choose the colour it actually matches our carpet blending into form our lounge room into one vast array of bland. When we got the couch we had to re-arrange the lounge room so it would fit into the room, all our photos and art ended up in the wrong place so it is now still down off the walls awaiting re hanging. This with the blandness of the carpet and couch makes our lounge oh so depressing to look at, so over the weekend I decided I would Crochet the new couch some cushions to brighten her up and make her feel more cosy.

(There’s B still in his PJ’s and little princesse’s arm saying hello)

So I wiped out my hook and my basket stash of wool I have used on other projects, all stored in their colour beautifully lined up, ah I love looking at my wool basket sometimes I just open it for inspiration. Anyway a cushion was a great way to use up some of that wool.

I wanted a cushion with colour, a lot of colour but nothing to bright.
In the words of Mr C ‘bright but country feeling’. So with this in mind I started hooking, randomly choosing colours as I went and then finishing each square with the last round in cream. I think this achieved the ‘bright, but country feel’ as the cream seemed to mute the too bright colours and enhance the lighter ones. I joined my squares as I went following Lucy’s tutorial form Attic 24, it’s a great time saver and you get to see your work grow as you go, no feeling like your not getting anywhere.

So after I had sewn in all the loose ends and sewn up the sides using a double crochet it was time to put it onto the couch.

And yes I think it’s a vast improvement. It’s a bit lonely all by itself though, will have to get to hooking up a friend for it.




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2 responses to “Crochet Improvement

  1. Hi J, welcome to the world of blogging. Love your cushion! Ther colours are really nice together. Did I spy you making that one day at craft group? Definaltey needs a friend on the other side of the couch and then a blanket in between 🙂 Welcome to the addicitive world of hooking.

  2. Thanks Anna
    i’ve got the blanket but stuck on ideas for the next cushion not sure on what do, started a ripple a couple of time but not sure, Will I see you on Friday?

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