Macarons & a sneak peek.

Friday was our fortnightly craft group. I love craft group, I look forward to it, I count the days till it comes around. A day when I get to gossip, eat sweets and craft my little heart out. It just makes me so warm and fuzzy on the inside. This craft group was at my house and being the school holidays I decided to make macarons. I hear you ‘oh no that’s a big task, ‘  ‘make sure you sift the almond meal’, ‘don’t put too much food colouring in’. The recipe came with a long list of notes that I like to refer to as warnings I was thinking god are these going to work. Mr C had faith in my baking abilities he knew that’d turn out ok, so with that in mind Thursday I started to make macarons and apart for the hour sitting time they were super quick and easy to make. So after making 2 batches and than making the filing I told Mr C that he would soon be able to have a macaron, oh excitement plus! So after all my hard work in the kitchen we both bite into my macarons, and do you know what? They taste great! But we both look at each other and realise we have no idea what they should taste like. Oh well we will just after test them on the girls at craft group.So here they are all set for the real test – do they taste like macarons? The answer was a resounding Yes they taste like macarons and they are good macarons. On the Phone to Mr C and his happy too, phew close one there hehe. They will definitely being made again; I’m craving the great taste as I write now.

Normally at craft group I’m busy crocheting away, but as I have been stitching away on my secret project I decided to keep going as it is so close to finished, I thought I would share a sneak peak of my stitching with you

This cup wasn’t stitched by me it’s just part of the work, all will be revealed soon

This is part of my handy work, I’m having so much fun making all those little crosses, choosing colours.

I bet your wondering who stitched the tea cup, ‘what’s going on’ and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’m so excited to let you all know.



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  1. Yum that all looks so scrummy…I might have to fly down for your next craft group session!


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