Oh La La

Late last week this finally arrived on my door step, I say finally because I had been waiting with baited breath ever since I ordered it but in actual fact it came rather quickly. I love the Sublime Stitching web site and have already ordered her pin up girls. my plan is to do a wall of pin ups. This book is amazing!! It has wonderful illustrations on how to do many stitches accompanied by detailed written instructions. But most of all the book contains 30+ reusable iron on transfers. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to start embroidery. The main reason I bought this book though was the fan girl on the front I fell in love with her, isn’t she just outstanding.

I had already gone out and got all my supplies in anticipation of this book arriving so as soon as it arrived I whipped out the Fan Girl Iron on transfer and followed the great instructions and successfully transfered my image onto my fabric. (I used white Drill). And Began stitching away.I decided I wanted a pink fan like the one inside the book, but I also wanted to make her mine, So I changed her up to be a brunette which I think worked well with the pink.

This was the first time I had done any of these stitches and with the exception of the fern stitch the illustrations and detailed descriptions in the book were easy to follow. The fern stitch I just could not get my head around I don’t believe that it was due to anyway it was written I just found it easier to do it my way.

Mr C thinks its me with the beauty Mole.

Her eyes are french knots worked in 3 ply 2 ply of emerald green and 1ply of light blue mixed together.

I love her for the 1 st of my pin ups, but I do feel she is missing something, I’m planning on putting some sequins on the ends of the fans but I think she needs more. What do you think? I was thinking a sexy saying from the 1940’s, any ideas??



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5 responses to “Oh La La

  1. I love your ‘fan girl’ embroidery piece. 🙂

  2. Gosh, your work is very pretty! At the moment I embroider on my crocheted work, but I’m not experienced.

  3. What a lovely piece! :o)

  4. Love your Fan Girl and love this book! It’s definitely next on my list. I like unconventional patterns and this is a little vintage and very sassy! Yay! I also love your interpretation of both of your pin-ups.

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