Finally some hooking!

This week started off with a big bang, That is the car went bang. 2 flat tyres not one but 2, so out of bed and out of the house to drive Mr C to work on Monday so I could get B off to school later. So not such a great start to the day. I had so many plans, wild plans maybe, but plans. I wanted to sew some baby shoes, work on my crochet cushion, start my new pin up girl and start B a dinosaur hat. Well that last one I got on to but the rest was left to the side as my day went from worse to worse. Worse than 2 flat tyres you say? Well yes it can get worse, Having a wonderful male friend in the tyre industry I quickly got on the phone to him and organised some new tyres asap. But alas when time came to pick them up I had lost the car key. Now I have to say I do lose the car keys often Mr C can hardly believe how often I find myself hunting for them. But on Monday it was the last thing I needed I had all those lovely crafty things to get on with. So after finding the spare key I drove the 45mins to collect my tyres from said tyre friend, only to find once arriving there that the spare key does not open the boot and therefore we can not get the tyres out to be fixed, see worse and than worse! Well that was it I was giving up, than lovely male friend offered to drop them off at our house and organised someone local to fit them cheaply, Well now things were looking up the day was turning around. Was it getting better? Surely I had had my 3 bad things and there was only one way to go but up. And that it did, Mr C got a lift home from work, We had a wonderful Massaman curry for dinner and I got to start the dinosaur hat for B. So not too bad a day:)

Hope your all having a wonderful day and hope someone out there is getting some beautiful sun.



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  1. Faith

    I have just sat and read through all your blogs, I love that people roll their eyes at you when you talk crochet….same here! Your crocheted things look beautiful, I am especially in awe of your lovely granny stripe blanket. I too have made macaroons, they tasted yummy but the looked pretty rubbish after they got stuck to the baking tray, you must be super clever! I know I am going to enjoy reading you blog!

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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