Where does the time go

Oh my goodness it’s has been a whole week since I visited blog land. I can’t believe it! I feel like we have been so busy the last week but when I sit now to think of what we have done nothing in particular comes to mind. Do you have those week’s where you are always busy, but never seem to achieve much? Well that was my week. Though I did get to finish the Dinosaur hat. It was originally started for B but than it was too big so I pulled it apart and started again

still too big, apart it came again

than it was looking better

but as we kept hooking away I noticed

It was not going to fit, So B’s hat became our little nephews hat. Oops

Will now have to quickly whip up another one as B is not happy he still has no crocheted goodies. So will be back this week with another Dinosaur hat. B has requested different colours too.



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7 responses to “Where does the time go

  1. Love these colours together and such a cool option for boys.

  2. Oh that’s super cool. My son had a knitted dragon hat he wore for a couple of years and it always got a lot of comments, being such a fun idea. This one has the most vibrant colours! Lucky nephew 😉

  3. Fab, love the idea of a dinosaur hat! I have also been admiring the ‘squishy’ pictures, just adorable, aren’t babies irresistible at that age?

  4. Opps – at least it can be used by someone – hope thatt littl B has one of his own soon.

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