The sun is finally shining

Everybody I talk to of late is over this winter. It has been a long one. There was not much of a summer down under and now it seems our winter is going forever. I know that technically winter does not end until October but that just seem so long away. Everything is wet here and when I say wet I mean you walk on the grass and here the squelching of water, the rain has not stopped in the last couple of weeks. And I swear it starts up the heaviest at school pick up time. Any other mums find this. But in all that dreary rain and squelching water the sun has shone for us today.

And the boys have grabbed the opportunity to play in the sunshine streaming through our window.

The backyard lettuce is sprouting up beautifully in the  cold sunshine

The beautiful sun is shining on the mountains out the back of our little home. The sky is finally blue and even though it is still very cold the blue sky makes me feel all warm on the inside.I just couldn’t get enough of the mountains and the blue sky, I feel I need to brave the cold and do some hookin on the back porch today.The green against the blue makes me happy, at least that’s one thing I can be thankful for all the rain we have been having everything is all nice and green for the summer. I just can’t wait for the weather to be warm and dinners with these views on the back porch. Well I’m off to finish the hat for B that I’m still working on, hopefully I’ll get some productive hooking done while the little princess is asleep and Mr C is playing Lego with the boys. Hope in your part of the world you are all enjoying some sunshine or at least some crafty delights.



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  1. Faith

    It seems so strange to hear you talking about the end of winter when ours is on its way. Our summers can be a little hit and miss but I guess this one hasn’t been too bad. We are due to start combining on the farm in the next couple of weeks so we hoping for the sun to come out! Outside crocheting has never happened for me, I’m far too disorganised, I can just forsee bits of grass in my wool! Hoping the days get warmer and longer for you very soon!

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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