Finally B gets his Beanie

We had a quiet weekend here. We all just pottered around the house doing all the things we love. My love is crochet so finally our B got his very own dinosaur hat.

He orginally wanted the spikes to be green but I convinced him that he really wanted them to be brown. Mums know best.

He went to school in his hat today. He is one excited boy.

We did a spot of shopping on the weekend also and I picked up these tins for a steal at Kmart. If you are in Victoria and you have not got on the Kmart band wagon I highly recommend it they have some great housewares at great prices.

It was a bargain at only $10, I was running out of the store in excitement to get it home.

And here it is in it’s lovely new home. Oh course the treats tin comes down quite often.

So that was our lazy weekend at home,

we shopped,

the boys played

with a trail of mess following

little princess . .

she pretended to sleep

and we all had fun.

see you soon




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5 responses to “Finally B gets his Beanie

  1. LOVE the treats tin…i’ll have to pick one up next time i’m at chirny πŸ˜‰

  2. The hat is great, I could see my littlest boy in one of those….maybe I should make one….inspired thankyou

  3. Such a cool hat – all his friends are gonna want one now. πŸ™‚

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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