The Bunting Swap

Just a quick post today, you might have noticed the new link over on the right. Well Rachael at Squiggly Rainbow has come up with the wonderful idea of doing a bunting swap and I couldn’t resist.

I jumped straight in there saying I would crochet 20 buntings. Now Rachael is going to get us all to mail them out individually to people who have joined in. I can’t wait to see all the different Buntings I receive. It’s so exciting, so head over to Rachael’s Blog the squiggly rainbow and join up it’s going to be so much fun. You know you want to, go on here’s the link again for Rachael. Well I have to run, off to have coffee with Mr C at our favourite cafe and than off to craft group. What a great day I’m in for. Hope you are all having a great Friday too and I should have some crafty gorgeousness to show you all this weekend. Bye bye for now xx


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