Busy Weekend

It was father’s day on Sunday here down under, and the present I ordered over a month ago did not arrive 😦 Oh no what was a to do?? So after some deep thought and alot of internet surfing we came up with this idea . . .

It took a lot of patience with little princess not being very co-operative with her feet placement, (she is only 6 months) but the boys were wonderfully well behaved and we finally got one. Mr C loved the photo and all his presents he got. B gave him a gardening set which he proudly declared “would help daddy with the weeding”, Mr C thought anything that created more work for him was fantastic and we both had a big giggle. Especially seem Mr C is not a gardening person. We had such a wonderful day the boys and I cooked up a big breaky for Mr C with all his favourites and we just lazed around the house getting daddy anything he wanted all day.

Father’s day was not the only happenings here, I managed to fit in quiet a lot of hooky time too. I have been madly working on my buntings for the Bunting Swap. I am so excited, I’m loving just randomly choosing colours from my stash of wool and making them come to life. I’m half way now and I really like the colours so I think I shall make another one of each.

I’m loving the pastels and the darks together, It took a little bit of tweaking but I finally got a triangle flag to be the right size for The Bunting Swap. I can not wait till they are all done. I still have lots to do, I believe they need a few finishing touches a few, a few beberouge jus’, but don’t worry I’ll be back at a later date to show you all the finished product. I’m very excited by the next stage and I find myself getting lost in the Bunting making, so glad I signed up for this wonderful project.

This wasn’t the only hooky I got up to I also did a bit of work on my W.I.P. I managed to turn all the little red cicrles in to Hexagon’s and I now have the height of the bedrunner. I’m loving the blue and red together and have now told Mr C it is time for some nice crisp white bed linen when I finish and I’m sure all you girls out there know what reaction you get from your other halves when you talk about buying new things for the house. I know I get a deep sigh lol but I always say ‘Oh not right now one day honey’ and he laughs.

I normally have to finish one thing before I move onto the next but I am loving having more than one project on the go. I find that once I get tired of one I just switch and even though they are mostly the same stitches working with different colours excites me and gets all the creative juices flowing again.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends and if it was Father’s Day in your part of the world I hope you all spoiled the dad’s in your lives. Love to all xx



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2 responses to “Busy Weekend

  1. What a cute photo for Father’s day! Love the red and blue combination!

  2. Ooh, the bunting swap looks like so much fun!

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