Hexipuffs – One a Day

I was over at plus3 crochet where she introduced me to the idea of making a beekeepers quilt. Heart skipping arms pumping excited at the thought. But alas I have the same problem she does I can’t knit . . . but she has solved that problem too and found this pattern on raverly for crocheters like ourselves. So que excitement again I can make the beekeepers quilt. I decided I would use 8ply wool and a size 3.5 hook. I wanted to use the 8 ply because it’s what I use mostly in all my crochet projects and I want the beekeepers quilt to be made up of my left overs. In other words I’m trying to save a dime. I think the change in wool worked fine probably not as floopy as 4ply but still works, just wont stuff them as much just want them to be little puffy and squishy not round and hard. I have also taken Casey’s lead on this project and joined the Cal on Raverly for the One a Day Project. I’ve been on raverly for ages and been searching patterns and loving it but I have never really used it to it’s full potential so now is the time and these little hexipuffs are going to do it for me. You can also link up over with Carole at Gingerbread Girl.This is my 1st finished hexipuff

Not to squishy but just right. Though after completing one of these I’m not sure if I will be able to make one a day it took me forever to make one, but I will try to post a photo of my progress every Tuesday. Wish me luck.

Now I’m off to make Buntings while little princess is asleep and have a coffee and a Tim Tam double choc coated of course. But before I go does anyone out there suffer the same problem as me. I lost my hook over the weekend now it was just a plain size 4mm hook nothing special and I had another one in the house so I did not need to go out and buy a new one, my hooky time was not effected in anyway, the hook I had was exactly the same but for some reason I feel my crochet is not quiet working up the same. The hooking is just not running as smooth I find my self dissatisfied with my creations but for all my hooking I can’t figure out why. There was nothing special about the lost hook and the new hook is exactly the same, even the same brand. Do you have a favourite hook that just seems to hook nicer than the rest or am I just one crazy hooker.

Kisses to all




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10 responses to “Hexipuffs – One a Day

  1. Nice to see you joining in the hexipuffing fun and the CAL! Your hexipuff looks really cute 🙂

  2. Pretty color! Looking forward to the avalanche of hexipuffs to come! =]


  3. I LOVE your hexipuff and I’m so pleased someone else found it took a long time to do. Mine took at least two hours!!!!

    Thanks so much for joining in with One a Day x

  4. Oh my goodness, it’s take me a week to do one! I think it will be worth it though so I hope you continue. I bet you’ll speed up as you make more.

    Out of interest which pic from I crochet sent you over to visit me? I’m glad you did!


  5. You’ve been bitten by the bug I reckon! I have to say as much as I like the quilt, the thought of all those little puffs makes me eel a little sick, all those ends…..I love my 3.5 hook it just feels more comfy than the rest and makes small stitches which I prefer.

  6. Think of it as a “de-stash” rather than saving a dime 😉 Congrats on your first hexi-puff, isn’t it cute! I’m looking forward to seeing more on Tuesday!

  7. annielvsfiber

    I just love these!! Just reading the pattern I decided to grab a hook and some cotton yarn(I use my own spun cotton when I’m not sure of a pattern as a “pre-pattern”) which I’m glad that I used. I have over ten done already and my husband got up looking for me and why I’m not in bed-now he wants me to make him a bathmat with them-guess I will stuff them with alpaca or something else that will dry and not be a problem…he’s cute… But it is the first time that I crocheted anything that he claimed.
    Thanks for the Crochet pattern-I’m officially addicted!

  8. I haven’t tried a puffy quilt yet, hmm. Now you’ve gone and done it.
    I’m a crochet addict too.

    Once started, there’s no stopping is there?
    So many things to crochet, not enough hours in the day to make them…

  9. onlychld

    I agree with you on your hook issues. I swear (even though I use metal hooks) that the oils from my hands make the hooks move better. When we first got our puppy she got my favorite 5.5mm hook. It was over two months before my new one felt like a real hook again.

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