Springy WIP

I’ve been learning to knit today, The wonderful Esme Rudy has been kind enough to spend the day teaching me to knit hexipuffs. There has been lots of tongue poking out the corner of my mouth as I attempt to increase. And I have restarted more times than I can now count. Unfortunately I have no photos of my attempted knitting (to busy with all the tongue poking out), But I promise I will take some of this weird and wonderful world of me trying to knit hexipuffs to share with you all and let you in on all my antics of knitting.

But I have been a busy little bee and have been doing many of my projects

I have been hooking away on my bed runner. I so enjoy making these little hexagons so quick and easy to work up. I love that, simple things to work on while watching the tele at night. I can’t remember the last time I watched tele without having to have some crafty object in my hands. Mr C always says ‘did you see that on the tele’ and I always miss it because since I started crocheting I watch the tele by listening and only look up if it’s really important.  How many of you out there do the same thing, I know the ladies in my craft group all do! 🙂

I have also been working away on my Buntings. At one stage I thought I was not going to get them done. I committed myself to 20, not to many but enough with what I decided to do. (I can never do things by halves.) Well I have gotten myself into a nice rhythm now and the are coming along swimmingly. I thought I would give you a sneak peek of how they are looking

I think they are turning out just right now, I might even make some for little princess’ room. Well we are in for a beautiful day tomorrow down under. Spring has definitely sprung, I’m so excited I just can’t wait to be doing spring things.

To all my wonderful readers and the wonderful people who leave me comments, I love you, I love your comments they warm me from my toes to my head. I am loving the wonderful sense of community I have found in blog land it astonishes me more and more how kind and caring people can be and I think my readers and comment leavers are some of the kindest most awesome people going around. Kisses to you all and thanks for popping into my world. xx



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5 responses to “Springy WIP

  1. Your bunting is looking amazing, and certainly puts mine to shame, I think I shall have to embellish mine a little to keep up! I hope I receive a piece of bunting from you! Keep up the hardwork with the knitting, I’m sure it will be worth it as I you will be able to try all sorts of things.

  2. I can’t believe I wasn’t following you already… What an amazing blog you have! 🙂 Such pretty things you make.

  3. Your bed runner is looking lovely – I love the hexagons! Oh, I’m exactly the same when I’m watching the TV now – I’m almost always crocheting and I miss loads as I’m mainly just listening too! If I watch the TV without crocheting though it just seems like a HUGE waste of time, hehe! Your bunting is so pretty too – I just love the crochet edging on it!

    Congrats on learning to knit by the way – my mother is hopefully going to teach me once she gets back off her holiday. Only the basic stuff though, don’t think I’d be able to manage the hexi-puffs yet! Are you preferring the knitted ones to the crochet?

  4. Bunting and hexagons look very nice!

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