My Sister’s Scarf

Ahh computer time on the weekend, what a rare occurrence. I don’t know if any of you lovelies out there have this trouble but weekend computer blogging time is scarce especially with Mr C loving his computer games. Though I’m not complaining more hooky weekend time for me. But that is not what today’s post is about, it’s about a cowl. A cowl for my sister who we shall name Duchess. She has been asking me to make her a scarf for ages, she wanted one like everyone else had, one that was in all the stores, but alas one she could not find a photo of to show me and one I could not find in any stores. She described it as circles on top of circles, and before you say ‘ah-ha’ it’s not a yoyo scarf, which is exactly what I thought she wanted, but was quickly told ‘yuk’. I’m not sure what she has against yoyo’s I think they are quiet nice. Anyways after much trawling of the internet and much face-booking we decided we were never going to find the elusive circles on top of circles scarf and instead could she please have a ‘scarf that is joined’ you mean a ‘cowl’. So back to the drawing board or in this case raverly pattern search and I found this, though she wanted it to wrap around twice, so I shortened the chain and made it longer and the finished product is quiet nice if I do say so myself. She is yet to pick it up to give me a verdict but I think she will be happy. What do you think?



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5 responses to “My Sister’s Scarf

  1. I like the yoyo scarf, I’ve not seen one before. I like the one you chose though, you have a very lucky sister, you did a good job!

  2. I think it looks quite nice – your sister will love it. 🙂

  3. Te ha quedado muy bonita la capucha. Yo también he hecho una para este invierno.
    Un saludo.

  4. Could you tell me how much you shortened the chain too, and what you mean by “I made it longer”, as I would like to make this. Thanks!

  5. Also what kind of yarn did you use? thanks!

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