One a Day – Episode 5

A little bit later than normal today, but I think you will understand, we have had no internet

. . . for a whole . . .

24 hours !!!

Mr C nearly even bought us prepaid

Yes we love our internet and you do not realise how many times you say

‘I’ll just google it’

till you no longer can google it.

Whatever did we do before google.

Well it’s back up and running after many agonizing hours and much checking by both Mr C and I and now I can give you my one a day update.

My knitting is going everywhere with me, it was off to the cafe on saturday for coffee with B and along came my knitting

Yummy coffee’s and Apple strudel scones, great start to the weekend

I have gotten quiet far this week, I have even made more than one a day on some days,

The colours are a bit more muted this week but I am loving the green, doesn’t it remind you of moss

I do hope that the pink will last untill the end of that hexipuff , if not I shall have to learn to change colours. hehe

As you know I am trying to use scrap yarn, so I am just hoping that at the end there will be enough different shades and tones of colours for all this to work

Aren’t they adorable like this, little puffy goodies, don’t you just wish you were little enough to bounce along them

They remind me of puffy clouds so squishy

Well that is it for my one a day,

but as this blanket is going to take me foreveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer

I thought I’d mix it up each week and see what else these little squishy puffs get up to

Oh look at those pink ones . . .

Whats he doing?

Why driving a tip truck of course. 🙂

Hope your all enjoying the bloom of spring

and I can’t wait to catch up on all the other one a days over here.




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14 responses to “One a Day – Episode 5

  1. Loving the puffs, the colours are gorgeous! Have a great week 🙂

  2. Really, really impressed with your knitting, you are super clever. Your hexi puffs are looking great! I like all the colours, hope you get to the end of the pink with some to spare, but don’t be tempted to squeeze another out, as you’d definitely
    be pushing your luck.

    Glad you have your net back, I feel your pain, we spend a lot of time on the computer here.

  3. Haha digger puff!! They’re all very cute, well done!

  4. Baxter's Rest

    Lol! Driving s tip truck! Lol. I needed a giggle too! 🙂

  5. Ack, no Internet for 24 hours is definitely not fun! On the plus side, the lack of googling time probably gave you more hexipuff knitting time 😉 They are looking fantastic by the way, and I’m loving your new colours this week! They are going to make such a wonderful quilt! 🙂

    Thanks for your tip on my one a day post by the way 🙂 I was going to ditch the hexipuff I’m currently working on, but I think I’ll finish it, trying what you said and hopefully it’ll make a big difference 🙂

    And lol, I loved that photo of your hexipuff in the tip truck!!!

  6. Your puffs are looking super, love the colours. Watch that little pink one, he looks like he is going to escape!

  7. Loving the new puff colours! You’ve done loads too, well done!

  8. LOL, love it! You have made so many already! Wow! Love the pictures of your week. 😉

  9. No Internet, how did you cope. Hexi puffs looking

  10. Love the colour combination and the truck driving puff is fantastic

  11. As I fellow internet junky I sympathise! Your hexipuffs are gorgeous!

  12. hexipuffs!! so cute, i really need to pick up the courage to make these!

  13. Lots of little puffies. What are they stuffed with? I think it will be totally amazing when it is finished.

  14. Wow no internet, that’s tough! Love the hexipuffs, Judy x

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