Crafters Delight

Mr C is off at the gym something he does every weekend, yes he is wonderfully ripped, hehe he’s my sexy muscle man, well whats a girl to do when her partner has gone to the gym, well I should probably do a spot of exercising myself but it tends to just get in the way of the more important things like blogging, lol.

(I will go for a walk, I will go for a walk, I will go for a walk,

ah who am I kidding I WILL make more hexipuffs. and tell you about my crafty delights :))

So while Mr C’s away I shall share my 2 crafty excitments I have had this week the first being this

Do you remember my cross stitch well I got it back from the framers on Friday

and I am just so delighted with it

Red being mine and my mums favourite colour I think it just makes it pop.

The perfect frame for this very sentimental piece of art.

The 2nd bit of crafty delight I recieved was a new cabinet

Now I have been meaning to pick this up for a while.

But with no way of transporting it it has been sitting at my sisters

but a wonderful friend with a ute stepped in and picked it up for me

(wonderful friends with utes).

It was my nana’s than my mum’s and now it’s mine

and in a kitchen that has amble cupboard space but no wall space a kitchen dresser just does not go

so i decided I would use it to keep all my craft delights in and organised.

Thats right my crafty bits and bobs are now organised. They are no longer stashed around the house in small hidy holes,

behind, under, beside, on top of.

No now they have a home and I have my very own Crafty Delight Dresser. And yes there is cupboards down the bottom and they are filled with more yarn. hehe.

Yarn obessed

I will use it to make hexipuffs, I will use it to make hexipuffs, I WILL NOT BUY more yarn, ah who are we kidding, 🙂

Well a tired little princess is calling so I will have to love you and leave you

oh she just got louder better go the princess is calling




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6 responses to “Crafters Delight

  1. Looks gorgeous in the frame! Jealous of your craft storage, wishin I had one. I’d

  2. Your cross stitch is gorgeous – I love the colours in there, and the red frame is just perfect for it! And I’m very jealous of your craft dresser, lol, how lovely to have all your crafty bits and pieces in one place like that! 🙂

  3. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    The yarn I used is acrylic!

  4. Love the cross stitch! The red is definately a good choice for ‘pop’ value. I really should start framing some of mine rather shoving it on the drawer.
    Thanks for the lovely wake-up call!


  5. The cross stitch is adorable with that bright red frame.

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