One a Day – Episode 6

Proudly bought to you by Yellow and Blue

I have managed to use up 2 left over yarn stashes today, though I do have a teeny tiny bit of left over yarn of each colour maybe learning to change colour is in order.

My little squishy wishy hexipuffs have out grown the little box I have been keeping them in, I think it’s time for an upgrade hmm what should I keep these little cutie pies in??

I seem to be knitting away with enthusiasm still but I have decided it’s time for some goals and stats

so here it is

I want to make 384 hexipuffs

I have made 34

I need to make 350 more

making one a day means

this blanket should be finished on the

27th of September 2012

and so the count down begins

350 days till completion


What will our heroines the hexipuffs be doing this week?




Oh no! will she survive to squish another day

Can’t wait to see all the other one a day projects check them out over here



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16 responses to “One a Day – Episode 6

  1. Looking good and you’ll have a beautiful quilt for next winter.xxxx

  2. Wow, you have to do a lot of hexipuffs, but in the end it will look amazing!
    Love the last picture, so funny! Have a nice week! Barbina

  3. Hahaha, lovely post. Good luck with this project, I hope you will succeed!

  4. Fabulous, that dinosaur looks extremely pleased with itself!

  5. You certainly have alot of hexipuffs to do and you’ve made good progress so far. They look nice. 🙂

  6. You obviously don’t care enough for your hexipuffs that you stopped to take a picture before rescuing it!

    Your hexis look lovely, and that future date is not as far away as I thought it may be, and just think if you doubled up some days it will happen sooner!

  7. That last photo is hilarious!

    I love the idea of the countdown – even if it is a long time away!

  8. Your latest hexipuffs are just lovely – I love the colours! And I’m sure that your finish date will come round much quicker than you think. Although, if you keep letting your hexipuffs drive off in trucks or get eaten by dinosaurs it might take a bit longer than you’re expecting!! 😉

  9. Oh no, did the hexipuff survive???? Loving the new colours, you’re making great progress- well done!

  10. Your hexipuffs are looking great, and great stash buster huh 🙂

  11. Well done on your hexapuffs. It will be amazing once you’ve joined them all up. What a task! I’m still a beginner knitter – and have yet to embark on using dpns. I have a dream of doing some socks one day.

  12. Great post! Seems like a long time away *gulp* but I’m sure it’ll fly by.

    Thanks for your comment on my post, it made me laugh. Sadly I wish it were only 4 missing – there must be a lot more than that including the ones I’d made last week – at least a dozen, which is about a week’s worth of knitting 😦

    Hope yours survives the dino attack!

  13. I can’t believe that you have only been knitting for a few weeks, your hexipuffs look fantastic. Hope the dinosaur didn’t get indigestion!
    I’m finding the joining as you go method ok at the moment, but think it will be tricker as the blanket gets bigger!!

  14. Nic

    Cute!! Good luck – great to write down your goals!

  15. Can’t wait to see what the hexipuffs will be doing next week! And I love your countdown, Judy x

  16. Om nom nom! Go tyranasaurus!! Hope he doesn’t eat too many hexie puffs though because they’re too cute!

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