Cherry’s on a summers day

Oh my oh my

the fingers and brain are not quite working in unison today the lack of sleep is starting to take its toll on the brain who said baby brain finished when you have the baby it, just keeps on going and going. So far this weekend I have knitted the first 5 rows of a baby cardigan 6 times and frogged it 7 and now it sits to be knitted again after finally figuring out what I was doing wrong,  I have also been knitting hexipuffs at a snail pace but at least they are getting done and don’t require a lot of concentration now. Plus this post has been started several times, as I type now I am still having to hit the backspace button a lot for all those misspelled words the fingers just aren’t on the game today. All this baby brain is due to the fact Little Princess decided it was party time last night, well screaming in pain time I should say, I fear the little darling has an ear infection poor baby, but this has led to one tired mumma.

But before the mushy brain set in I did manage to make the Little Princess a top. Now I’m no clothing expert I’ve only just started diving into the clothes and I’m not terribly good at patterns. I’m the one in the relationship who tries to put the ikea furniture together without the instructions while Mr C carefully reads and marks off all the components, well I seem to be sewing clothes like I put together ikea furniture, ‘let’s just see how it goes’

And this time I think it went quiet well 🙂 I picked up this cute fabric at spotlight for 30% off, gotta love a sale at the local spotlight, I got a metre for around $3 and this top only took about a 1/4 of that. With the sun out here this weekend I can just see little princess enjoying some rays in this little cutie.

Well I’m off to try to knit that cardy again wish me luck

Hope you all enjoy your beautiful days


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11 responses to “Cherry’s on a summers day

  1. Really cute dress, you did a good job! I’m like you when it comes to sewing too, I’m not too good at planning things and just plough straight in and hope for the best, sometimes I get good results….sometimes I don’t! Hope your little one is alright now.

  2. Cute little dress. Good luck with your knitting. 🙂

  3. Its adorable! Ear infections are the worst. I am sending along a little healing love to your little one. After many years of dr’s and painful ears in our house I finally discovered natural remedies work far better. Warm olive oil if you have some is extremely soothing. I use one infused with garlic and mullein (which you can buy from any good health food store pre-made) for healing an infected ear. Unlike commercial ear drops, it does not sting. Hugs xoxoxox

  4. A beautiful little dress for little Miss. I hope that she starts to feel better soon 🙂

  5. Great dress, so cute and summery!

  6. Very sweet dress, love the cherries fabric….. also we have alot of ear affections here over the years ( my second boy was born with a cleft lip and palate ) and I agree with the mullien ear drops or another one is levisticum comp… you can get them through Weleda or your local health shop…. I also left a reply on my blog to your question 🙂

  7. Lovely dress! Best of luck with the cardi, and with added sleep to help with the ‘baby brain’!!

  8. Dress looks great. I’m always using the backspace way too much and I have no excuse!

  9. Pam

    Such a sweet, little dress. The ‘let’s just see how it goes’ method seems to be working very well.

  10. Very cute!! I’m very much a ‘lets see how it goes’ kinda girl too when it comes to sewing… but I will read the ikea instructions! lol

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