One a day – Episode 10

Woo Hoo

Beat last weeks tally

Made a nice little 11 hexipuffs this week

I even learned to change colour this week

see that little pink and blue one yep colour change there πŸ™‚

We are now on 68 hexipuffs in total

with 326 hexipuffs left to make

in 332 days

I’m enjoying see that total hexipuffs knitted number go up each week, I’m still enjoying knitting them and they are becoming quite quick and easy.

I am somewhat troubled though

I’m wondering if you lovelies could help me out?

When I started this project I decided to use all my left over yarn, However I did not realise this project would take so long I mean a year is a long time to work on something especially when you don’t see it grow. I am still loving knitting but while I knit there is a nagging question in the back of my head ‘should I have chosen colours for this blanket instead of using up my stash and making it random’

So girlies (and maybe some gentlemen) I need your thoughts,

‘keep going random or sit down and plan the colours??’

What do you think?


P.S I love visting all the one a dayers blogs and leaving comments on all your amazing creations, you are all such talented ladies and a big thank-you for all your lovely thoughts here.

I do try and get back to everyone or visit your blog I’m sorry if I haven’t

most of the time I’m blog reading and typing comments one handed while little princess is on my lap

so sometimes I think I have but haven’t really.

But I do love all you one a dayers you’re am inspiring, talented and amazing group of women.

Not a part join up here or just check out this amazing women over here.

That’s what I’m off to do




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25 responses to “One a day – Episode 10

  1. They look amazing, I vote with keep it random, you obviously have some great colours in your stash!

  2. Keep it random. Some of the best projects come out great with random choices. It looks good. I like the color changes.

  3. I like the random look with all the different pretty colors. πŸ™‚

  4. Random I say too!

    You’re going to love this……
    Hubby is sat next to me while I’m looking at your pics on the iPad, anyway I was saying look at this project with all the little hexipuffs (the picture taken from the side) and he said ‘yeah, it looks like lots of boobs in jumpers’ ……men eh……I could say one tracked mind, but I guess I’m fairly one tracked on crochet!

  5. I do love your project and I think part of the beauty of your project is the randomness, it makes it so unique but at the same time thrifty. I would stick with the random plan. πŸ™‚

  6. Gotta be random…it will remind you of where all the yarn came from…older projects, shopping trips, good friends…etc. I had to go back and have a look at all the ‘boobs in jumpers’ LOL.

  7. Love your colour choices this week, the pile of hexipuffs is looking good

  8. Looking fab-u-lous!

    My one a day project is a Beekeeper’s Quilt too, and I have more or less planned the colours. I’m making one smaller bench pad which is totally in planned colours and another which will be a throw of some shape/size depending on when I get fed up and that is more random but still does have a kind of colour scheme. I think it depends on the overall effect that you like. Yours looks lovely in lots of colours. Will it “fit” in the intended place? In my home, everything is quite “matchy” – each room has a colour scheme and as I didn’t have more than a handful of 4ply/sock scraps, I’ve had to buy all my yarn so it didn’t make sense to buy random colours in my case.

  9. JenM83

    Hello, I love your little puffs- how about if you kept it random but when they’re all done arrange them in order of colour so it fades from one into the next? I don’t envy you the job of sewing them all together though!

  10. I vote for random! Its nice to occasionally have something that does not conform to society! Besides, its looking fantastic so far, so why go of course?

  11. I’m normally a plan it kind of girl, but I love the randomness of your quilt and the idea of using up all those bits that you never know what to do with. Unless of course as Sarah said you need it to fit in with a strict colour scheme, then start planning.
    It is looking fab though.

  12. I do love those little hexi puffs. I think random seems to be working out pretty well. If your worried about it but how about choosing maybe three colours to run through the rest of the randomness to maybe tie it together.
    Kier x

  13. Keep going at random! πŸ˜€ Random = always best. When in doubt: RANDOM. One random a day keeps the doctor away. When all else fails; RANDOM. There’s no place like random! Random sweet random. 99 bottles of random on the wall… Anyway, you get the idea πŸ˜‰

  14. I would say go on random, what you have done so far looks so beautiful!

  15. Another vote for random here. I think if you go for colours you love you will probably find that they all look great together anyway, it’s often the way. I am not good at matching stuff though, I envy those who are.

  16. OH my god! What a FEAST of hexipuffs! They look amazing all together like this.

    I think because you’ve got so many diffferent colours now just keep going with the randomness, in fact even more colours might be good! It depends what you think you’ll prefer though πŸ™‚

  17. Definitely random… it has worked beautifully so far, so why change it? :)x

  18. random is beautiful! great work, keep it up!

  19. Has to be random for me too – it’s looking so wonderful. I definitely want to try these next, Judy x

  20. Random is wonderful! Keep going!

  21. Those hexipuffs look awesome!! I love all the different colours you have going too πŸ˜€

  22. That is going to be so cute and cosy!

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