One a Day – Episode 11

What a week it has been, we have been so busy, but when I sit down to write all the things we have been doing I can not think of one. Must just be busy with life I’m sure you all know how that gets when nothing much is really happening but you never seem to be stopping it’s just go, go, go all the time, this is us right now, busy doing nothing. And because of this my little corner of blog land seems to have gone unloved for a whole week, I promise I will make up for this with lots to show you this week. But first of all is my one a dayΒ  . . .


Here come the hexipuffs

10 hexipuffs were made this week

(I know the photo says 9 but I found one behind the couch :))

leaving 316 hexipuffs left to make

in 323 days

totally doable

Well that’s the stats out of the way

now on to last weeks question

β€˜keep going random or sit down and plan the colours??’

and the answer seems to be a big resounding keep going random.

All of your suggestions were great, I especially loved Secret Sheeps comment about how I will be able to remeber where all my yarn came from I love that and thought I might start letting you guys know where some of my stash has come from

This week the yellow is from my first ever crocheted blanket

I made a granny square throw for my little nephew

The orange is from my granny stripe blanket

I found it at the back of a random cupboard completely unused I must of bought too much


Also Sarah brought up if it would match and I realised that all my crochet projects are different colours, so the blanket will actually tie all the randomness together, πŸ™‚ I obviously like buying pretty new yarn and change my mind alot.

Thanks for all your comments and if you haven’t already I highly recommend reading faiths comment from last week. Hilarious!!

Last but not least, where did Mr Hexipuff go

Well to the

Wild West of course

I’ll leave you all with a


I’m off to gingerbread girl to check out all your one a days




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18 responses to “One a Day – Episode 11

  1. I love the orange and the yellow colours lovely sunshine colours,
    coming along great! I really do know what you mean by having a busy week but when you try to write about it you just can’t remember what you have done and where the time has gone too!
    I shall look forward to next weeks hexipuff update πŸ™‚

  2. Keep gong random. I think it will look great and I have become a huge fan of some of the random blankets I have seen. You will get there..

  3. Howdy partner! What a fab looking Hexipuff! I really look forward to your post. I love to see what your hexipuffs are up to.
    I love that they have meaning and it leaves you free to buy any wool you like!
    Can’t wait to see next weeks adventure!!

  4. Lots of hexipuffiloveliness as usual! I’m glad you are going to stay on the random road – and it will be lovely to hear about the origins of the yarns. This is going to be such a special blanket for you when it is finished :)x

  5. Your hexipuffs are comely along nicely. Thanks for the laugh today – the little sheriff hexipuff cracked me up. πŸ™‚

  6. Hi!
    It’s coming along nicely. Love the yellow and orange. Mr. Hexipuff is cute. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  7. It’s amazing to think you couldn’t knit when you started out and now your hexipuffs are all perfect. Love the yellow and orange, really cheery.

    That’s a mighty fine hexipuff there, I only hope he can remember where he left his gun….maybe he had one too many in the saloon last night and forgot it this morning.

  8. LOVE keeping up with your hexipuffs, such fun! Glad you are sticking to random. Its going to be fabulous!

  9. LOL!
    The orange and yellow hexipuffs look so soft and fluffy.
    The blue one is fun and bold.

  10. He’s a cutie. It’s a mammoth task. Keep going!!

  11. Niamh

    Love wild west mr hexipuff. Definitly random, it’ll all come together at the end and it’ll add excitement and mystery to the project πŸ™‚

  12. Maybe this is a dumb question, but I missed it. What are they for?

  13. Howdy ya’all… thats one western hexipuff you got dere!!! You are making awesome progress- 10 in one week what a machine!

  14. It’s a Woodipuff!

    Loving the sunshine colours too πŸ™‚

  15. Love the Mr Wild West!

    Are this week’s hexipuffs going to be turned into ducks? Just made me think of ducks with the vivid orange and yellow!

  16. Love your hexipuffs and Mr. Wild West is so awesome! I’m all for random. That’s the way I roll!! Thanks for visiting my blog

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