House Guest

This week we were lucky enough to have a little lady come and stay with us.

She is a very popular little lady

and we have been waiting a long time for her to visitus

so B was super excited when she came to stay

and she was a pleasure to have

she even offered to do a guest blog on my blog

Oh how exciting

so I now hand you over to our little guest

‘Hi my name is Ellie and I am an elephant

I like to go home with all the school children in prep

and they all write in my dairy for me

At B’s house I got to help him do his reader and I also helped his mummy cook dinner

We had Kofta curry and I liked it very much

On Tuesday B went to school

and his mummy thought seem I had been around a bit

a bath was in order

she used bubbles and everything

It was very lovely

(and I suspect she is slightly crazy taking photos of an elephant in the tub)

When B got home we went to Karate

He is very good

and I liked watching them do all their moves

It was very nice to stay with B

he even shared his slurpie with me

He gave me lots of cuddles and kisses

and even let me sleep in his bed

I was very sad to say goodbye

but now I’m off to the next little boys or girls home

hope it’s as good as B’s

Have a great weekend everyone




P.S B’s mummy said to tell you the next cardi is on the needles

P.P.S. She is also crocheting some little cuties she hopes to show you soon




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4 responses to “House Guest

  1. That’s so cute – what a fun thing for the children to do. 🙂

  2. So cute! I was a little jealous of that bubble bath. I think I want one too!

  3. that’s cute! My oldest had a toy that came home with all the kids when she was in kindergarden. They don’t have that with my youngest daughter who’s in kindergarden now, I wish they did.

  4. Dear beberouge,
    thank you for visit my blog and leave a nice comment.
    The Tree-Pattern is from Nancy and you can find the
    Pattern here:
    I wish you a lot of fun and look forward to the photos of your Tree!
    Send you many Greetings,

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