One a day – Episode 12

Firstly I think I will probably need to apologize for this post in advance. Tuesdays are Karate night in our house so Tuesday is already a rush of a day, I never seem to be able to organise myself to have dinner ready before Karate at 5.30, so we get home at 6.30 and it’s rush rush rush and this post is being written in that rush. Dinner is in the oven, kiddies are nude one in the shower one waiting, little princess has just finished her dinner and she is now in bed. So we are right in the midst of rush hours here, and this tuesday is even more disorganised as today our new bedroom suite arrived and I have spent the day putting all our clothes in new draws and organising all our other clothes. I can’t show you,  yet I haven’t prettified it yet. But you know what with a 6 draw tall boy, a 7 draw dressing table, 2 3 draw bedside tables and a 2 door closet and our clothes still do not fit in. Though I swear I don’t have a lot of clothes, I think it’s generally things I hardly wear and I believe a lot of the problem must be all those jumper Mr C has and never wears.

Okie Dokie well it’s not discuss your new bedroom suite day it’s One a Day Tuesday which means

The puffs are in town

Only 6 came to visit this week

But hey I’m still ahead of schedule so no need

for a puffing melt down . . . yet.

You might have guessed from the photos I also forgot to photograph my puffs

So a few quick shots were taken outside on the car bonnet

while I waited for the boys at Karate

I’m sure the other mummies thought I was a crazy lady.

On other puff related bussiness I got a new little case to take my puffs with me.

Isn’t it pretty, it perfectly fits wool, 3 dpn needles, crochet hook and some stuffing

well of course before I go

like I said the puffs are in town

and you better not mess with them.

Today’s puff’s were brought to you today by Mr C

no puff’s were harmed in the making

of this puff episode

Love to all

I’m off to see all the other one a days here




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14 responses to “One a day – Episode 12

  1. You make me smile every time! Busy weeks are good every now and again, if only because the following week everything is a little bit more organised.

  2. Hahaha, maffia puffs! Awesome :-0. Can’t wait to get started with these little puffs.

  3. What a fantastic portable puff bag, very handy to make sure you’ve not forgotten something.
    Great puff posing as ever. I fear you may need the help of the sheriff puff from last week to sort them out!!

  4. Hi!
    Lovely puff bag. Glad to hear no puffs were injured. lol Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  5. Thank you for the lovely helpful links. Those moustache neck warmers are the bee’s knees and cat’s pyjamas (that’s good by the way). X

  6. I’m glad you are not going to have a puffing melt down…..but if you do, can you get Mr C to get the camera out as I for one would love to see the results;-)

    I’m with you on rushing, I am soooo looking forward to the end of this week when I will drink a glass of red and relax…..I think I may have my own paper mâché melt down.

    I’m not sure I can stand the suspense as to the next part of the hexi puff story, but surely someone will end up behind bars?

  7. Naughty hexipuffs call back the Sheriff immediately! I sentence them to be sewn together for life…. :)x

  8. Puffs tutorial~ AWESOME! Thanks lots,

    Aimee @

  9. Six is still six, you are going strong!! Im loving your puff bag, so trendy!!

  10. Love the puff bag. Its awesome!!

  11. Niamh

    Ha ha ha, love your puffs and the blog especially the puff shootout 🙂

  12. Nice to meet a fellow hexipuffer! I’m trying to fit in one a day around all the needlefelting but today was a fail 😦 Can’t wait to have a bit of knitty hooky time soon! That’s a great little bag, a perfect size.

  13. Thanks for the giggles – I love the hexipuff adventures! And that’s a cool bag, Judy x

  14. Brilliant stuff!!!!! Love your bag too 🙂

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