And finally the last of The Bunts

Oh my goodness it has nearly been a month since I put up some of the special bunts I received in the Bunting Swap. Goodness it’s even a new year. Did you all ring in the new year with joy and lots to drink, did the you see the fireworks. Is your brain still stuck back in 2011 and hasn’t quiet yet caught up to the calendar. You know that feeling you get for about a month after new years where you automatically right 2011 and end up scribbling it out to write 2012 on everything, ‘No’ It’s only me oh well my brain takes a while to catch up to the calendar at this time of year. Everything just seems to slow right down now, and isn’t it bliss after that hectic period of holiday parties. Now it’s just time to relax and enjoy the family and friends and we have been doing a lot of both at the moment and as such the next bunting update seem to have fallen way behind but I promise to wrap it up this time and share all the fabulous bunts I received. But before we start the bunting show off I just must share an update on my crochet piece, as I have completely changed my mind and scrapped my last piece and have started this

Can you see why I just had to hold off on the bunts and show you, I love it, Mr C loves it and the kiddies love it. I think we are on a winner here.

But onto the Bunting let’s wrap up all those gorgeous bunts

here we

Once again in no particular order the delightful bunts and the talented ladies who sent them to me

This one came all the way from Switzerland and was sent by the lovely Yaga at The Shiny Bubble. I forgot to photo (oops) but it came with a little map of where Yaga lives and it says spread the love on the back, how cute

All the way from Wales it is Faith with this lovely little blue checked bunt it has red checks on the back and a teeny-weeny Welsh flag, so lovely and I was over the moon to receive a bunt from Faith as I had watched her create them.

A beautiful little red dress from A little red dress blog with Kylie. I love that she made it just like her namesake.

This one is made from a vintage sheet and I just love the colours it’s from Kiwi at Heart

A little story accompanied this one

The wool was hand dyed by the lovely Stephanie’s family, such a little treasure

you can see it in action here

A beautiful crochet edging on this delight from Nicole at Dabbling All day

it came with a little card and envelope both stamped with a bunting stamp.

This was the 1st bunt I received in the mail which started the wonderful 2 months of little presents arriving for me and is from the lovely lady Ruth, she must have known my favourite colour was Red 🙂

And finally

The last bunt to come in the mail was from the Coco and isn’t it just stunning.

That wraps up the Bunting Swap a big thank-you to the lovely Rachel at Squiggly Rainbow for organising such a wonderful swap. And a big big thank-you to all the wonderful ladies who took the time to create something special for me.




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4 responses to “And finally the last of The Bunts

  1. Gorgeous bunting – and I love the idea of a bunting swap!
    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster blog award today – I always enjoy reading your posts!
    Happy New Year, Judy xx

  2. What a great collection, they make a very beautiful and special bunting together! Love the concept!

  3. I love your ripple blanket, I think I’m going to make one of those too. The bunts are gorgeous! Jxx

  4. So cute! Love the bunts. Thanks for linking up to “Strut Your Stuff Saturday.” Please come back next Saturday and share more ideas! -The Sisters

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