A little forgotten hat.

I finished my Yarn bombing piece last night and proceeded to block my 4 squares for Stocki’s Beautiful Blogger Blanket and than I found myself in the very odd place of not having and immediate projects, but a big desire to start a blanket of my very own. But what to make and where to even begin with so many lovely blankets in blog land I just don’t know where to start. Though this morning I spent sometime browsing through blog land and came across Cherry Hearts Yearly round up and 1 photo caught my eye and popped right off the screen at me, can you tell which one it was. That’s right scroll down to march, any ideas yet? That’s it just down the bottom center those adorable flowers, I just must know where they are from, so after a little browsing in Cherry Heart land, I found Sandra had made them from this lovely book which just screams with so many make me now projects, so without a second thought I headed over to my fav online book shop and purchased said book with out a moments hesitation and now I start the wait for it to arrive on my little doorstep and the fun to begin. Yippee!!

But while browsing photos last night I realised I had forgotten to share a little hat I made at the start of December for a very special friend from the days of High School (and doesn’t high school feel like a faint memory) who is having her very 1st bubba. Lovely high school friend will be such a fun mummy I decided a little fun hat was in need but without knowing the sex (we do now) I wanted something gender neutral but not yellow. And than while browsing in my fave Debbie Bliss books (yes her again) I found it.

The Wee Willie Winkie Hat can’t you just picture a newborn sound asleep in this cute little hat. Well unfortunately I don’t have a cute little sleeping newborn on hand I do however have a little snowy bear

who was more than happy to pose for a few quick shots. I had so much fun making this little sleeping hat. It was my first time actually using all 4 Dpn’s and after a little confusion (more of my just see how it goes attitude) I was off and circling in no time.

This little hat was also a very quick knit worked up in about 2 days. That’s 2 days of normal knitting, you know the kind where children want things and partners need love and house needs attention: normal days.

I did however change one little thing and finished the hat off with 2 i cords tied in knot instead of the pom pom, I know know I just can’t seem to leave a pattern alone.

The little wee Willie winkie hat completed my little care hamper for the lovely high school friends baby shower.

After having 2 babies of my own and not being the most comfortable pregnant lady I decided that babies are far to spoilt at baby showers and the mums to be need much more attention. After all they’re the ones doing the hard work so we can all have new born cuddles. So from my own experience I put together a few little things to hopefully help ease the burden load of pregnancy

I do so hope she enjoys it all and I can’t wait for the little one to be born only. 4 more months to wait.




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9 responses to “A little forgotten hat.

  1. Renee

    I love how you are thinking of the mum. I too think that when babies arrive they are spoilt beyond belief sometimes, and the mother (and father) are forgotten. I always ensure the mum gets a lovely pressie too, something just for her ๐Ÿ™‚
    The hat is just gorgeous, I might have to find that book someplace and give the hat ago too.

  2. Great idea to think of the new Mom. The little hat is very cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Love your little hat, and great choice of colour too! I can’t believe how nice your knitted things are seeing as you haven’t been knitting that long. The pack is lovely, especially the choc, yum. I swore by raspberry leaf tea (if thats what I can see) on all three of mine, not sure if it worked but it tasted good and I’m afraid I drank it by the bucketload.

  4. I love rainbow colours – yous look beautiful
    Shirley I.

  5. PS: please ‘scuse typo. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. That hat is adorable and the little package is just perfect. What a lucky friend you have. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. So sweet! I may have to try that hat – it’s gorgeous, and my cousin is just about to have a baby, Judy x

  8. I love how your granny stripe is coming along, and the hat is gorgeous!!!! Jxx

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