One a day – Episode 19

Oops a daisy last week I was positive I had been making a hexipuff a day but it turns out I may have lied a little because after the count this week I was very sorry to discover that I had only added 3.5 puffs to my total. Thats 3.5 puffs in 2 weeks not 1. Oh dear that is very terrible I really must get back to making these little puffs of joy. I may have made a dismal amount of puffs for the last 2 weeks but excitement did set in as I was counting and I started to head up in the 90’s and I discovered that I have finally cracked that magic number



I’ve made 101 Hexipuffs

this number makes me so happy

it makes me want to start knitting right now and crack the half way mark

I’m promising myself to knit at least one a day this week

But now for the scary bit am I still on schedule or -as I suspect – have fallen behind . . . far behind

So I still need

209 Hexipuffs

which need to be made in

254 days

I can’t believe I’m on track, I suspect somewhere a long the way I have miscalculated.

With only 3 puffs made this week I have been busy doing  a little crochet for this wonderful blanket. The idea is that we all send our squares to Stocki and she puts the blanket together and then one of the lovely contributors wins the blanket to have in their very own home. 1 square = 1 entry so the more you make the more chances you have of winning and getting a beautiful blanket handcrafted by some amazingly talented ladies from around the world. Now I signed up to join in but I was under no delusions that this blanket would ever make it’s way to my house. I have actually never won anything in my life, it’s not that I think I am unlucky but I definitely don’t have the lucky lottery winners gene. I do however love the idea of a blanket from all over the world in an array of colours going to someones loving crafty home and with this I set about making my squares

I used 4 different patterns and I absolutely loved making these squares. It was a great chance to try out those patterns I had seen around but was not commited to making a whole lot to form anything. Though those Hawiian flowers (bottom left) are so much fun to make I might need to make something with those. I do hope Stocki can join them in as a square. I did however realise that, that one middle far left is going to be pretty hard for her to join oops . . sorry Stocki. The square with the flower is from Rose Hip though I worked a few more rounds of granny around the flower they are super cute and were exactly what I was after. The one far right bottom I had found a long time ago on a blog called Millie makes and the pattern is called ‘something pretty’ doesn’t that just sound devine. It was my first pattern with popcorns and I found it quiet confusing to follow but after a quick you tube video on popcorns I was off and running.

Well I must go make hexipuffs now, want to get to that magic half way mark now, who knows I might just have a blanket pretty soon.

Don’t forget to check out all the other talented one a dayers I’m off to take a look now






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17 responses to “One a day – Episode 19

  1. Niamh

    Isn’t stocki’s blogger blanket a great idea. Its so exciting seeing all the squares. Yours are beautiful.

  2. Oh, your squares are scrumtious! I would love to take part in this blanket thingy, but I don’t think I’m going to make it this time. I hope she’ll do it again! Well done on the hexi-puffs too.

  3. Everything looks just divine! 🙂

  4. Hello! Ooo what an exciting post! All those beautiful, gorgeous – coloured hexi-puffs, and then… your squares for the Beautiful Blogger Blanket! They are so lovely… I can’t wait to get my hands on them and they are going to fit in so well with the ones I already have! Thanks so much for taking part… I will be blogging about them ASAP after I receive them… and don’t worry.. the lovely little Hawaiian flower will fit in somewhere… I am going to go have a look at that pattern :)x

  5. Clever you, 101 that’s brilliant!

    I love your squares for Jill’s blanket, I especially love the hawaiian flower, really clever. I’ve enjoyed trying something new too, nice break from routine….mind I’ve not been sewing my ends in, so must get to it!

    Have a good week!

  6. i do love those gorgeous hexipuff so lovely. and you squares for the blanket are awesome 🙂

  7. 101, that is impressive, I love the colours, stunning squares for the Blogger Blanket too.xxxx

  8. I love the pic you made w/the hexipuffs! To even reach 101 is such an accomplishment.
    Lovely crocheted squares. The patterns are so interesting and fun to check out.

  9. Hurray for the 101 hexipuffs!
    And I love the squares – I’m just about to start one for the BBB now!
    Thanks for the good vibes, Judy x

  10. Yah, you’ve hit the 100 mark. I agree there is something that spurs you one when you get to 100.
    Your squares are stunning, they are so lovely and different. Those Hawaiian flowers are great and the one in the middle far left looks so delicate. x

  11. so pretty, love the patterns and colours you have used

  12. So many wonderful colors, in both the hexipuffs and squares. And congrats on getting to 101!

  13. Congrats on reaching the big 100!!! Your squares look goregous, I love the colours! Jxx

  14. The blanket is a great idea, and your contributions are just beautiful! Marathon effort with the hexi puffs!

  15. I applaud you!!! What a great squares you have crocheted. And as for your hexipuffs: 101! Congratulations:)

  16. Great idea! The blanket will be wonderful.

  17. I love the idea of that blanket, and your squares are gorgeous 🙂

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