A doxie in a coat

Warning this post contains irresistibly adorable photos.

Ok I warned you. You may begin to swoon over the cuteness of the upcoming pics.

A little while back I came across a cute little pattern for doxies, after reading that it can be considerably hard to find sweaters that these adorable puppies don’t just walk right out of I instantly thought of my friends who are proud parents of their own little doxie, and straight away cast on the xs size for their minature doxie (yes these tiny little dogs come in minature).

Do you remember me showing you the beginnings of this little pressie, way back here. Well my freinds have now received the little presents but not before I added some little touches for their sweet little girl

A nice little puppy picture for the chest and of course to top it off the little doxies name on the back.

But I promised irrestible cuteness and here it is courtesy of some very proud puppy owners I give you a doxie in a coat

What a poser even looking at the camera for her mummy

I told you irresistible cuteness in miniature

‘Ok folks show over, Ruby’s out of here’

And ruby’s parents love her coat too and she can’t walk out of it so if you’re a doxie owner out there grab this pattern.






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4 responses to “A doxie in a coat

  1. She’s cute – great work on the sweater. 🙂

  2. Oh there is nothing more prec’ than a dachsie in a sweater- this is too cute. My teckel trio is very enviosu- they have walked out of many sweaters!

  3. Such a cutie! Thanks for sharing on Sass’s Sunday Salvation Show!

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