One a day – Episode 20

Well I seem to have broken the promise to myself and only made 6 hexipuffs this week and now this post will have to be flying post too, so I’m apologising in advance. But I am busy packing and cleaning the house as we go on holidays in 2 sleeps. Yep thats right I’m counting sleeps I’m that excited. This will be my first holiday in so long I just can’t wait to have 6 whole days of no cooking, no bed making and no house cleaning just fun times realxing in the sun.

I’m also planning little princess’ 1st birthday and this may have played a part in me being one short this week

Hasn’t pinterest made party planning so much easier you can find everything on there. I’m in love and addicted again.

I also started several new projects this week but I’m not sure on the colours on one. So it is sitting around the house for me to look at, you know catch it out of the corner of my eye, sit next to it and see if the colours grow on me or whether it’s just needs a good old froggin. The other project I started is Nana Squares, I’ve loved these little squares for so long and decided I need more cushions for the couch and one made of mini nana squares is just the thing.

I need 8 of each colour and there is more colours to come. I plan on sewing on a fabric back.  Being a bit lazy this time but also I love crochet cushions with fabric backs, maybe I subconciously think they are prettier because they are easier, hehe.

Well like I said flying visit today off to finish packing have managed to pack B’s, K’s and half of little princess’ into one suit case now for mine and Mr C’s plus toiletries. Wish me luck to fit it all in.

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Edit – P.S lovely one a day ladies I am having trouble commenting on people’s blogs ever since that reply button popped up I press publish but nothing happens or it just keeps saying the letters I entered are wrong (they are not) any one know what’s going on and how I can fix it.

Edit 2 – I have figured out how to comment on blogs Yeah! But unfortunately I can only comment as Name not from my wordpress account, so ladies if I haven’t commented I visited and all your one  a days look amazing xx




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9 responses to “One a day – Episode 20

  1. Your Nana Squares are so cute, I love the colours.
    Pinterest is an amazing source of information, but I find I can lose hours of my life on it as you just get lead to wonderful pictures and ideas that you weren’t even looking for!! (or is that just me!)
    I’m sure you will get everything done and packed. Hope you have a great, fun and relaxing holiday. x

  2. Love the colours you have chosen for your Nana Squares

  3. i do love those lil nana squares lovely colour choice too 🙂

  4. Have a great holiday! Looking forward to the ta da on the nana squares and hexipuffs.

  5. I love that both of your projects are so portable! And yes, pinterest for planning anything is addicting! I’ve got a few months before I have to search out ideas for my little girl’s 1st birthday, maybe I’ll peek at your board ;). Right now the board of choice for me is “Playroom in Progress” to get ideas gonig for that area of the house.

  6. Love your Nana Squares, they are soo cute! Have to try them too!
    Wish you a wonderful holiday!

  7. Your nana squares are lovely! It seems we all have the same problem concerning comments … but it is working for me today 🙂
    Have a wonderful day!

  8. Love your work – but you know that already:)

  9. Hello beautiful. I am drooling over that chocolate. Thought I left a comment earlier but its not here. I have an award for you at my kraft blog. hugs xox

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