I seem to have gone missing. I haven’t gone into hiding, no witness protection programs, I just seem to be finding it hard to find time to blog. No I’m not particularly busy doing anything but I am working on a fair few projects at the moment and they all seem to be taking up a lot of my time.

You know the kinda projects you are working against the clock on. The kind with a deadline, whether that be a filming schedule or a babies due date. And the thing about schedules and deadlines is as soon as I have them I tend to procrastinate. I know I should get hooking and knitting away as soon as I find out about these deadlines but I always seem to leave it to the last-minute and spend several days/weeks hooking and knitting away like mad. And so this is where I am at right now.

I am in the clutches of  rippling away. I am nearly halfway and the colours I’m using are making me really enjoy this project. But the bouquet of hooky flowers on my to do list is nowhere near half way and I’ve got one more week to have it ready to mail, so tomorrow I must I repeat to the procrastinator in me I MUST hook up a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

And don’t even get me started on my one a day. You may have noticed a drastic absence of One a day posts, this is largely due to the fact I’m not puffing away. I need to pick up those needles, I even have one half way done on the needles but I’m just so busy with all the other knitty hooky business going on in my house. But I will be puffing away again I promise to deliver another episode of the puff family next week.

Oh god did I just add something else to my to do list. Better go start now or I’ll never get anything finished.

Love to all




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4 responses to “oops

  1. oooh so pretty, all those wools in a basket – rainbow love!

  2. Ha ha, that is an exact description of me, when I have things to do, where do you find me? Procrastinating! I am a last minute, in the nick of time kinda girl and I don’t seem to stop doing it….aaaggghhh!

    Anyway, hoping you’re having a productive week and not procrastinating (like me!)

  3. Dropping by to say a very very, huge THANKYOU!!!!! I just love the wonderful heart bits & bops that arrived in my mailbox today. You have been so thoughtful with all that you have sent & I just love the crochet!! You’ve inspired me to get on with my crochet projects again. I’ve had a great time reading through some of your blog…… but now, I’m sorry, I have to warn you…………. I’ll be back !!! There are just tooooo many things here that are inspiring me!!!! Big Hugs from a very pleased blogging friend about to sit and enjoy chocolate! sharm xoxoxo

  4. Baxter's Rest

    Wow you sound like me, time just
    Slips away only I should be writing a 10000 word dissertation but would rather crochet! Lol xxx

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