Happy 1st Birthday

Sunday was our little Princess’ 1st Birthday. I know I can’t believe she has turned 1 the year has just flown by. Officially my little baby is no longer a baby but a growing toddler and yes I want to cry. I miss the squishy newborn, I miss that new born cry and smile but oh boy am I enjoying watching this little girl grow. The tumbles she takes as she learns to stand on her own. The variations of crawling we have progressed through before she figured out how to do it on all fours, and her laughter grows more lovely with every day.

But now she is 1 a mighty 1 year old and we celebrated her 1st year with our lovely family and friends at a High Tea at our little home Chez Orchard.

We had a wonderful time. Little Princess wore her party dress and she was spoilt rotten by her wonderful friends. Just like a true princess she was given an array of wonderful jewellery from her lovely friends and even a little heart jewellery box to keep all her new jewels in.

And of course we drank out of vintage tea cups kindly given to me by my belle-mère

  and there was little glass jars for pink lemonade for the littlies

I used a set of free printables I found here. I had so much fun making all the little decorations and food. There was little tea pot sugar cookies along with

with little pink tea cups with white polka dots

Choc Chip Whoopie Pies, chocolate mousse shots and cupcakes.

I made the cake myself adding my own little high tea inspired string of buntings.

The cake was a 4 layered Lemon Mascarpone Cream Sponge. Which tasted lovely if I do say so myself.

We had a lovely day and I must say a big thank-you to a very special lady who helped me with all the organising and baking. If it wasn’t for you (yoou know who you are) I may have still been in the kitchen covered in flour on Sunday instead of drinking Champagne and celebrating my little girls 1st Birthday with all our wonderful friends and family.

And now little princess is 1, no longer a baby on her way to being a big girl.  But right now she is still growing. She has 8 teeth, 4 on top 4 on bottom. Her top 2 front teeth are so big she looks like a bunny when she smiles – we love it.

She can crawl on all 4’s after doing the belly flop for a long period. She likes to crawl backwards as wel,l Mr C calls it the mooncrawl. She can pull herself up and walk along things and is just starting to stand by herself. She is gaining confidence every day and it wont be long before she is off and trotting. She is starting to talk. We have heard ‘hi’ ‘daddy’ and a little ‘mama’ but her favourite sound is screaming, she loves her own voice and can be heard babbling to herself as she crawls around our little house. And with turning 1 she has not learned to sleep, she still wakes every 2-3 hours at night, but we love her in all her cuteness.

Happy Birthday Little Princess




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7 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday

  1. Oh what a lovely Birthday tea..it reminds me of the all pink ‘My Little Pony’ party I did for my daughter (now 27!) when she was 5…Everything was pink… That cake looks scrumptious! Have fun with your little one.. take time every day just to watch… it all goes so fast.. and before you know it you are planning her wedding day :)x

  2. It all looks too good to eat! The birthday cake is a masterpiece and looks scrummy. The years fly by so quickly, my oldest will be nine next month….no longer a littlie!

    Happy Birthday Little Princess!

  3. The birthday cake is amazing, and your ‘High Tea’ table looks fantastic!
    My ‘little one’ turned 10 just before Christmas, but when he snuggles on my lap I feel he is still little. I’m worried I may never be able to let him grow up! Happy days, love Judy xx

  4. Oh my! What a fab birthday party! My daughters would love you. They love tea parties. One of my girls had a tea party for her sixteenth birthday. Love everything, lucky little princess! Happy Birthday to your little one. She is still a baby for a long while yet. My baby is nearly 13 – Yikes! 🙂 Hugs xoxoxo

  5. looks like a wonderful party

  6. What a beautiful party. Happy Birthday to your little princess. 🙂

  7. I got stuck look at the picture of the chocolate mousse!!! Yummo! And the cake! Oh, the cake! That pink icing is incredible!

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