One a day – Episode 22

I actually managed to make 7 hexipuffs this week and finish off this book above for My bookclub on Goodreads “Bookclub Bitches” xcuse my language :).

Now this book has had rave reviews and was even a finalist for a National Book Award, but I just didn’t get it. I mean I understood it but I just couldn’t put faces to the characters I felt they were all very one dimensional and the fables that ran through the background while being intriguing resulted in me being disappointed by the end without giving away anything.

But hexipuffs we shall talk

With the 7 made this week I have a total of 121

I still need to make 263

in 212 days so as you can see I have done no catch up knitting and am still far behind. But I’m totally amazed that I managed 7 while reading a book and also a little sickie. Poor Little Princess has come down with a bad case of tonsilitis. Monday she had such a high fever that her little body looked like it was all sunburn she was so sick she couldn’t even crawl, she would get up on all fours and than flop on the floor unable to gather anymore strength. But through all this she has been so cuddly and just been cuddling into me which as an active 1 year old hardly ever happens now. Today she is much better just a bit grisly but oh so ever cuddly still.

I noticed that Carole over at Gingerbread Girl hasn’t posted in a while I hope she does today but if not pop over to raverly and check out all the other great one a dayers.


P.S. I’m not sure if I have said this but I’m having trouble commenting on blogger blogs using my wordpress account and can only comment if the blogger account allows you to use your name and address.

Is anyone else having this problem or is just me I would love to know if any other wordpress users have had this problem and if any blogger users no why this is happening to me.




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4 responses to “One a day – Episode 22

  1. Mmm love that minty green! And thanks for sharing the Goodreads – I might have to sign up there.
    I’ve had loads of problems posting on blogs recently but I don’t know why it’s happening. Although I have noticed they now ask for 2 words rather that just one on the recognition thingy so I guess it’s some sort of security issue. Most annoying though!
    Have a great week, Judy xx

  2. I am on blogger and I still have a hard time commenting on some of the blogs. It is random too. Hopefully they work it out. Don’t fret about how many hexipuffs you make. Any progress is good in my opinion. Sometimes it is hard to take time for our beloved hobbies. See you next week on Tuesday’s Tallies.

  3. Blogger has been having problems for a long while now. It’s very annoying when I want to leave a comment and not be able to.

    I hope you and your daughter are feeling better soon. 🙂

  4. You are so patient to do what I see as a stop and go process with those darling hexipuffs. 121 is quite an accomplishment!

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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