It’s a weird old funny day

This beautiful scene is what we woke up to this morning, and I just couldn’t resist grabbing the camera and running outside to take a quick snap before starting the morning school rush. The whole backyard was covered in the most beautiful dewy pink glow. It made you all warm and calm inside. But the weather man was reporting 21 and showers but they didn’t seem anywhere in sight. Fast forward a couple of hours and it turns out the weather man was spot on our beautiful pink sky is no longer and has become a dreary grey mass.

It is so dark and gloomy now I have had to turn the light on inside so I can knit. I should be knitting hexipuffs as you probably gathered from the lack of one a day post, I haven’t really been into it this week. I might have knitted one but really that’s being pretty optimistic with myself. Instead I have started one knitting project 3 times. 1st I cast on the wrong number of stitches and didn’t pick it up till I had knitted 1 round, secondly I stuffed up the ribbing somewhere and finally after getting to the required length realized I was using the wrong size needles. So I went rip rip rip and have finally got it on the right needles with 1 round of ribbing done right and the right amount of stitches hopefully by tonight I’ll be back up to where I was before I ripped.  I have however finished a few little crochet projects but I can’t show any yet as they need to be wrapped and posted off to a little one who will soon join us. But I will give you a teeny tiny sneak peek.

Hehe no colour for you yet. Can you guess?? I can’t wait to show you I’m so excited by these little pressies they have really been an absolute joy to make. I also stuck some art up on the wall and it has been met with mixed response’s. I’m quiet liking the splash of colour to our beige lounge room and this is the beginning of a our new gallery wall. I can’t wait to hang some more little family objects up.




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2 responses to “It’s a weird old funny day

  1. What a beautiful start to the day…and what a tease you are… black and white photos!! Can’t wait to see the colours :)x

  2. Gorgeous pictures, even the grey one. Its rather dark down here this morning. I think we are in for a bit of a rainy day AGAIN!!! I have not gotten back into one a day for ages and then I just realised I have been doing something one a day. Maybe I will join in next week and out what I have been up to. Your knitting adventures sound a bit like mine last week. I did end up finishing one little project though which was a relief. And no I have no idea what you have made there. Will have to check back later. Have a lovely end of week. Hugs xoxox

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