I hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter. Normally Easter is a non event in our house the most you will find being done on Easter is an Easter egg hunt then the rest of the day is like any other day no special lunches, no big deal. But this year for some unknown reason I wanted more. So I began creating Easter decorations for our house. I made a cute little paint chip bunny garland for our kitchen area

I love tradition’s,  I still will not east fish on Good Friday even though I’m not religious, but growing up my mum insisted we not eat meat and I love the feel of traditions. They seem to unite a family together almost giving them their only little quirks that make them unique from all the other familes around.  I so enjoy passing my families traditions on to my little family and creating new traditions and with new traditions in mind B and I began to dye Easter eggs for a little special surprise for our guests at Easter Lunch.

We had so much fun making these little table place card desserts. Yes that’s right I said dessert. Yep those little eggs are filled with cake. I got the lovely idea from over here. They were a big hit, the kids had heaps of fun cracking them open and peeling the shell off. Plus they made the table look stunning.

Part of the reason I think I wanted a bit more this Easter is amazingly all our family could get together on the actual day and with our house being the one with the toys and the backyard for all the kiddies and cousins to run wild it was at our house and I decided to cook a lunch. I went with something I have cooked, but only once before. It’s one of those dishes you only cook for a big group of people, but it is so simple yet gives such wonderful flavours. Its callled ‘Incredible Lamb Fricassee My Way’  but in our house Mr C and I call it Frisky lamb due to my terrible misprounication of it the first time I tried to say it and so it has stuck. So Easter lunch was ‘Frisky lamb with mash and Garlic Bread.

Every Year about a week before Easter I say ‘I’m going to make my own hot cross buns this year’. I remember my mum would always make her own hot cross buns and they were always amazing and so much better than any store bought packaged hot cross buns from the supermarkets. But every year the day before Good Friday you could find me at the supermarket buying Hot Cross Buns saying to the family ‘Next year I’ll make us hot cross buns’ .  .. . this year I did it. I not only made Hot Cross Buns for Good Friday breaky but I even whipped up another batch for Easter Sunday.

And so Easter Monday has arrived and I’ve eaten my Chocolate. Red Tulip of course, the boys are still going on their massive piles, Mr C is nibbling at his bunny and we are all feeling blessed with the wonderful time we spent with family.



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