Busy Busy, painting and stitching

When I moved in with Mr C some years ago now he had a little kitchen table that fit perfect in his little kitchen and was not terribly ugly, but not very pretty either. Over 2 years ago now I decided the table needed a face lift, and that is when I painted the legs white and left the table top the original stain colour. But ever since then I have toyed with the idea of painting all my chairs different colours. It was many years ago I first saw this cool little style in one of my fav home magazines. But could I pull it off? Could I find the right colours, the not to bright, not to pastel set I like. Those colours I’ve fondly come to call my muted colours.

Well it took many years of working up the courage. I don’t sand so once painted the chairs would have to stay painted or we would need a new table (not an option). After months of trawling paint stores for those perfect colours I finally found them and so I began the painting of 3 ever so boring chairs.

And they became 3 oh so lovely, delightful chairs, that every time I look at them my heart soars a little with glee at how good they look. But painting is not all I have been up to at Chez Orchard I have also been doing a spot of stitching. I have not done any cross stitch since my first back here, but oh how I love it! It gives you such a sense of peace it really is such a calming art.

I stitched this little babushka for a doll of a friends birthday last month. She turned out just like my head imagined her. Don’t you love when that happens!!! Her colours are so perfect altogether I am quiet besotted with her. You too can stitch one, she is free pattern from here and even comes with friends I think I’ll do one for me too.

Love to all




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7 responses to “Busy Busy, painting and stitching

  1. Wow the chairs look awesome, you picked great colours!!!

  2. The hairs look amazing Bebe…I love the colours you chose…they look like new expensive chairs now! How on earth did you give such a beautiful piece of needlework away… it must have been very tempting to keep it for yourself! Thanks for the pattern link…Jill x

  3. *chairs not hairs!! :)x

  4. That babushka doll is beautiful…I know what I will be doing later! Thanks for sharing!

  5. debiyorston

    You did a great job with the chairs – the colors you picked look nice together. 🙂

  6. Love the Babushka – and the chairs. Beautiful colours. x

  7. Love the chairs, the colours are perfect, clever you….it’s funny how it’s easy to put off a relatively simple but maybe daunting job, but when you finally do it, it makes such a difference.

    Your cross stitch is lovely too, I definitely don’t need anything more to add to the list though!

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