Mr C’s Hat

A couple of weekends ago we headed up to one of our favourite places, and went to ‘The Chestnut Festival’. It was a lovely outing even if the weather refused to co-operate, B and I were happy in our gumboot’s though Mr C who refuses to wear gumboots had to dodge mud in his designer shoes. Apart from the few little showers and mud it was heaps of fun. We had Poffertjes, roasted chestnuts and wandered around the festival looking at all the goods on display. A lot of the market was hand made goodies from soap to cakes and of course there was the hand-knitted stalls as well. Most of them were not my cuppa tea. Those knitted poncho’s with all the browns in them, I call them hippy knits and they’re just not my taste. But amongst all of those hippy knits Mr C spotted a hat that he was in awe of. I thought he was pulling my leg having a joke at my expense. My serious, can’t wear gumboots, has perfect tables manners fiancee could not possibly want one of those. But he insisted it was the most awesome thing in the whole festival and when I told him that I could probably knit him one he was beside himself. ‘Really, you can really knit me one’ he kept asking. He was truly smitten with the out there hat and so I give you Mr C’s new Mohawk Beanie

I did find a pattern for a Mohawk beanie, but I just could not read the pattern. All the project notes on Ravelry said it was an easy knit and there is over 400 projects using that pattern, but I just could not get my head around it. Maybe it’s because I learned to crochet first so I like my patterns to be in rows with numbers, not in paragraphs with lots of words. After reading it many times over I gave up and just decided to make my own up. I knitted a basic ear flap hat and then attached the Mohawk every 2nd stitch and the alternate stitch on the other side. I added a crochet trim and tassels and there Mr C had his hat.

Mr C loves it and thinks it’s even better than the one at the Festival and has been wearing it around the house as soon as he arrives home from work the last few days. It has yet to be worn out  of the house though, but this Saturday when it’s coffee time I’m going to insist he wears his Mohawk hat out to the cafe. hehe

Love to all


Edit: I just added this hat to my little Etsy shop.



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8 responses to “Mr C’s Hat

  1. Oh my goodness…that’s brilliant! I’m going to show my son…maybe he will shave his REAL mohawk off and just wear this hat sometimes! 🙂 Jill x

  2. Oh my that is some hat, certainly not a shrinking violet kind of hat! I bet it will run a few head! Jxx

  3. 😀 that hat is great!!
    Every time I visit your blog you surprise me with your creativity, productivity and the way you write. Love it all!

  4. CHD

    Thanks for visiting my over at my blog and for your kind comment. That is a great hat. I have a collection of boys in my house and they would love it. Cx

  5. what a fabulous hat! well done for working the pattern out yourself!

  6. jamie

    This is great! Have my own version done, but cant seem to master the actual mohawk part. Its all attached, but doesnt seem to stand… how did you get it to stand so well? thanks!

  7. Leslie

    I’m making one of these now, and wanted to Ask how you got the hawk to stand up and not flop over?

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