The blanket is finished

I did it!! I finished sewing in the last end last weekend and all in all it has taken exactly 2 months to show you my finished blanket

There are 204 squares for a 12 x 17 blankie. It’s a good size stretches out over your lap with room to tuck your feet up in it too.

I love it!!! I know you shouldn’t rave on about your own work, but I have really enjoyed making this blankie, the squares were so quick and easy to make, And the joining just flew by. I love the finished product. I just adore how all the colours just go even though they were never planned and in fact are odd balls I had just lying around.

I enjoyed making all the squares and then joining them all up, but there was one mammoth job at the end. With 204 squares that meant there was 1054 ends to sew in. God I’m so glad I didn’t work that out until just now.

Even with all those ends I still love love love this blanket. It’s everything I envisioned.

I do plan on backing this one with some fabric, to make it extra cuddly and warm. But for now it’s all ready to go for snuggling on the couch.Did you spot the cuckoo clock in the backgroud. I’m so thrilled with this new little treasure. I bought it off Amazon for an absolute steal of $8.00. It came bright pink but I gave it a revamp and I now find myself looking at it all the time. Well now I have finished my impromptu blanket it is time to get on with those hexipuffs I’m still at around the 180 mark so only about half way so I really need to get knitting. Better get on it

Love to all




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10 responses to “The blanket is finished

  1. woooow I love your blanket ! What a wonderful project 🙂 It is gorgeous with all those beautiful colors 🙂

  2. i really appriciate the blankets design and you blog to0.

  3. The blanket is gorgeous, you did a fab job, and it only took two months, way to go! I always leave my ends, it’s a pain, but a night of hard graft generally has them sorted.

    Love your cuckoo clock!

  4. Oh my …a beautiful blanket… all those ends just made me shiver though… beautiful colours, hugs, Jill x

  5. rooj

    Hi there! I really love your blanket – also I like the one already on the sofa!
    How did you find the clock? Are there any others?

  6. Your blanket is so beautiful!! It must feel so good to have this totally completed!!

  7. I love your blanket – it looks so pretty. Great work. 🙂

  8. Janette

    It looks amazing Bebe, I’m so jealous yours is finished!

  9. WOW, just gorgeous, the colours are just perfect. Btw, love the baby ripple blanket too on your previous post. Deb xx

  10. Oh I’m way too late with my compliments. You deserve them because your blanket is beautiful, it looks cheerful and modest because of the colors. Well done to you!. And yes all those yarn ends….

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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