Star Wars for the boys and cute crochet for the girls

My oh my I am turning into rather a lazy blogger I do apologize. I have just been so busy busy busy the last month preparing for K’s party. He requested a Star Wars party this year, so I have been scouring around for Star Wars ideas, Star Wars toys, and busy making all those party decorations.

I made every child their own lightsaber and star wars robe. My scouring of the internet resulted in a wonderful find of these little r2-d2 cup labels which we used as party favours for all the children. I also found the yoda soda labels over here where you will find a whole bunch of wonderful free star wars downloads. I had heaps of fun making this party come together if at times making 18 of everything was a little stressful. The party itself was a huge success and my only tip for future parents and their own star wars party would be don’t worry about the food just get cheesles, kids LOVE them we went through so many packets.

After the party was done and dusted and me and Mr C had sat down and recovered with some lovely grown up cider, I began a little project for my little princess. I have wanted to make her this for so long.

Here is Aus we have this show on ABC2 called Giggle and hoot, Mr C and I have never been big fans and many jokes have been had at the character Jimmy Giggles expense (though I’m sure the actor is a wonderful person) but the show introduced a new character earlier this year and I was instantly converted. I am a huge Giggle and Hoot fan now who could not be with this cutie joining them

Isn’t she adorable, she comes to Twinklify the night and does it while singing a jazzy song that gets everyone in our house swinging. I had so much fun crocheting her. She was incredibly quick and easy to work up. I used the pattern for Hoot over here and just changed her up a bit to look like hootabelle. Adding eyelashes and a pretty butterfly headband. I hope you like her too our little princess loves her and she has now been cuddled and slobbered on and looks much loved 🙂

Love to all




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4 responses to “Star Wars for the boys and cute crochet for the girls

  1. My middle boy is star wars mad, I attempted to make a light sabre cake which was a bit of a disaster, but it still tasted nice.

    I’m not the biggest fan of having kids parties at our house, it’s always a huge relief when all the children have gone home happy and full of food!

    I like your little twinklify, very cute!

    Have a good week!

  2. Great looking Star Wars party – good job with the decorations. The little owl is very cute. 🙂

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