Crochet Iggle Piggle

Whoa how time flies, though I’m sure if I hadn’t accidentally fallen asleep this afternoon time wouldn’t have flown by. But I did promise over on Facebook to show you my new little toy I made. And so here he is out in our very own Night Garden

This little guy was a belated birthday present for my 2 year old nephew and it has been reported from a very happy mamma that he is much loved and is the new sleepy toy. Don’t you just love feed back like that. I mean it’s great when everyone thinks he looks good but to know that a little boy loves him is something special.

Well as I’m completely behind on my chores today I must make this a flying visit I hope you don’t mind but dinner is boiling on the stove and I’m pretty sure it should be simmering. Ooops

Love to all




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2 responses to “Crochet Iggle Piggle

  1. He’s very cute. It’s always good to hear that a gift is much loved. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous. Such a cute gift.

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