A new friend – Crochet Hoot Hoot

Ok I’m going to have a whinge first today. Hold on hold on don’t go running for the hills, hey  you may even agree with me. I just can’t hold it in any longer. I am so over it. It is driving me up the blooming wall. What is it you might ask, well let me tell you it’s the bloody weather. Thats right I’m over it. I’m over the painstakingly annoying glare that gushes in my front windows every day lately. Not the nice sunshine that warms you but that horrid glare that gives you an all mighty headache and makes you want to shut the blinds in the middle of the day and turn the lights on. And another thing Mr Weather what is with making the sun come out to play but still being so damn cold when I step out my front door. You are so deceiving. I look outside and think yeah sun, time for some bicycle cruising only to be met with a bitter cold day. Not happy Mr Weather. Well that’s my rant. Aaaahhh I feel so much better. If you stayed with me through that thank-you for  being so loyal. Do you love a good rant sometimes I feel they make the chest a lot lighter. Nothing better than a good rant.

It’s school holidays here at the moment and the weather has been nothing but freezing above is where the littlies have decided to gravate to. And I don’t blame them even I have been wearing my socks to bed something I never do. But amongst the cold we have been creating our own warmth with lots of snuggling and game playing. The boys have been busy today playing checkers and chess. One has been teaching the other how to play and they have been exceptionally well behaved. Just bliss to sit and crochet while little boys play happily and quietly at the table.

We’ve been off to the movies and out for coffee and we have something very special planned next week. Which I can’t wait for. But I’m sure you lovely ladies are hanging out for the crochet. I mean I gave it away in the title, Yes there is crochet and it’s crochet of the cute variety.

Yes another owl. This little guy was made using the same pattern as my other owl friend but with the more traditional colours.

It took me a long time to decide what blue to make him but in the end I thought this one suited him best. And I can tell you Miss Hootell’s is just delighted in her new beau. They have been spotted flying around together at night. Even holding wings . . .

Awww how adorable. I love these owls they are so cute and perfect to snuggle. Little princess has been snuggling hers today which I am so happy about. hehe. For a while there I thought she was going to be a discarded toy, oh so very sad face. But alas Hootell’s has been pushed around in the pram today and dragged through the house.

Love to all


P.S. Both owls are now in my little shop if you care to take a look xx



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6 responses to “A new friend – Crochet Hoot Hoot

  1. Very cute owls….there something about owls isn’t there, they get much love from many…maybe it’s their big eyes….my littlest boy had the biggest owly eyes when he was small, in fact I know my FIL used to call him tweety-bird!

  2. Adorably cute owls. They make a perfect pair 🙂

  3. So cute….hmm perhaps these will have to join the mental list of things to crochet in my near future!

  4. Helen

    I was just wonder where did you get the pattern for Hoot. My mother is looking for one just like this, and would be very happy if she had the pattern. Can you please help??

  5. Wow again 🙂 These look great.

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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