Season Return Ep1 of The One a Day – Finally

You may have noticed there has been a obvious lack of hexipuffs on this little blog of late and I have to say I have not really been knitting very many at all. In fact it was way back in may over here I even showed you a hexipuff at all and I have not counted or done a tally since Episode 23, where I was way behind my deadline.

So lets recap

I started knitting this project on September 20th 2011 my plan was to finish this by September 27th 2012

At the end of last season we were up to 139 Hexipuffs  and was way behind schedule on our grand plan.

The puffs had been on lots of adventures but the knitting was lagging behind.

Fast forward to Season 2

I have knitted 200 hexipuffs, I’m now over half way of my goal but far behind the deadline and I now believe I am going to have to admit defeat. There is just no way in a blue moon I will knit 183 puffs in 79 days. But hey you never know I might just get a massive buzz and go on a hexipuff binge. But let’s not hold our breath. Though I’m not prepared to calculate a new finish date yet. I just can’t face.

So since March 14th I have knitted 61 puffs its been 118 days

that’s far from one a day but

As Gingerbread girl has restarted the One A Day

I may just reclaim the motivation to complete this blanket some time soonish

Love to all






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12 responses to “Season Return Ep1 of The One a Day – Finally

  1. Wow they look awesome, the blanket will look amazing when is finally finished!

  2. So funny – I have a similar post drafted for later today – just waiting for the light to be good enough to take a picture! Your deadline doesn’t sound totally unreasonable to me, not based on the recent rates, but on what you could do if you put your mind to it. I guess it depends on how important the deadline is, weighed up with the other things you have to do….?

    (I’ve ditched my November deadline as it was arbitrary and I like that I can pick this project up when I want to without it needing to be done by a certain time.)


  3. Totally lovely hexi puffs, love this project. You never know u may get a spurt on and make your deadline. Your hexi puffs look awesome 🙂

  4. They look fantastic all lined up. Will look amazing when finished x

  5. I love that your puffs have gone on adventures! I like a blanket that takes a long time 🙂 maybe ditch the deadline and just work without that pressure looming over you, you might finish it quicker than you ever thought!

  6. All your hexipuffs laid out like that look pretty – your blanket will be lovely. Don’t worry about your deadline – get rid of it – they always make our crochet seem like work. 🙂

  7. Wool Diaries (@WoolDiaries)

    I bow down to the amount of hexiupuffs you have! That is an incredible achievement. They all look so soft and squishy when put together. I really would love to do this project, wish some clever person would come up with a way of knitting them together, like modular knitting, cause the thought of having to sew them makes me put this off.

    Keep going, you will have an absolutely precious blanket at the end of it.

    • I have seen someone knit them in a big strip – maybe you can google it – I can’t remember where I saw it, and I did think it was a great idea. I almost gave it a go, but I don’t know how I want the colours laid out so I didn’t want to commit to a certain order.

  8. Wow, 200 !!! That is amazing , they look gorgeous, loving the colours. Deb xxx

  9. Hexi’s on the go~love it! Keep on keeping on!

  10. Nice colour combinations. Was just thinking now…how long will it take to join all those squares??

  11. Ooooh, the prettiness, I salute your patience and persistence.

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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