The new baby Shawl

Wow we are so busy around here at the moment. I have been inundated with crochet orders from a bunch of lovely ladies. So I have been crocheting away like mad making my days very lovely indeed. But not only have I been crocheting like mad, but Mr C and I have decided that we will have an engagement party after all this time. You may remember our wonderful engagement weekend back here.   We have ummed and ahhed over having an engagement party for quiet a while but we figure we wont be getting married any time soon so why not celebrate. So I have been busy planning away and of course it must be budget but brilliant and oh my what a lot of work. I salute those brides who have DIY budget weddings as planning just an engagement party has turned out to be a lot of work, but boy is it fun!!

Before all the busy busy crochet and the planning I made a baby blanket. It’s not my normal style of baby blanket and just beginning was a little daunting. Finding a pattern was a the hardest part. I searched and searched for one. I browsed Ravelry for hours and hours I found this pattern but dismissed it due to the fact it was made with aran weight yarn. But I just could not find anything else I liked. I gave up for a little while and this little blanket almost didn’t get made. But than I started to browse the projects of the pattern and found another crochet lady who had made this blanket with DK yarn and yes it still looked beautiful. The pattern still stood out, I was still in love with the blanket so I made the purchase and the Glory Blanket Pattern became mine.

But wait! Will it end up smaller, no worries I’ll msg the lady who made it in DK and ask how big it was. She very kindly let me know that it was still a good size for a baby blanket and I was ready to go.

One thing I love about crafty ladies is our willingness to share our ideas and projects without a moments hesitation. I know I constantly find myself in spotlight helping someone who is starting out and is standing staring at the huge array of wool. Us seasoned knitters and crocheters can always spot them. I remember being one and reading yarn labels going I have no idea what the hell ply is. Especially when so many patterns ask for weight. So there you stand as a newbie staring at wool labels thinking I can’t find the weight oh god oh god I don’t want to look like an idiot but there is always some lovely lady willing to share her years of knowledge and I love it.

I think I may have helped one such lady while shopping for wool for this baby blanket. It was requested in green, not a colour I use hugely. Not only was a I making a blanket not in my style but also not in my colour even as a seasoned crocheter I felt out of my depth. But I knew I could do it, hey I picked up a hook all those years ago and manged to make a chain so I could do this. And with that I finally began after months of stalling. The blanket worked up in no time at all and the pattern was super easy. But after about round 5 there was some serious rippling going on and I was extreme worried as I was making this with acrylic for all the baby vomit that it will receive it must be machine washable and as we know acrylic does not block. I kept checking the pattern yep she made hers with acrylic. WHY IS MINE NOT WORKING!! I frogged and began again but still it was rippling. Slightly less but it was there and so I found myseld laying it flat and manipulating it in to a flat circle after each round, And what do you know at the end it ended up flat no rippling. The pattern was stunning and the size was perfect as a baby shawl.

I can’t say I’ll make another one anytime soon unless of course the Mum-to-be requests one (I’m a sucker) but I did enjoy giving it to her. And thats the best part about making presents isn’t it the giving. And this one was received with pure joy. The Mum-to-be knew it was coming but had no idea what it would look like and she was so overjoyed to have it in her little hands with 5 weeks to her due date. And I’m glad to be finally sharing it with you.

Love to all




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7 responses to “The new baby Shawl

  1. Trace xo

    This blanket will be coming everywhere with us, i cant wait for budha to be wrapped up in it as soon as he is out. I cant even thank you enough its exactly what i wanted plus more! xo

  2. This is so beautiful~what a glorious story!

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  4. It’s turned out beautifully….I agree with you, I wouldn’t normally pick out green, but it’s lovely in this. I can see why the mum-to-be was so pleased.

    Btw, lovely to see you 200 hexi-puffs in the last post…clever you!

  5. The baby blanket is beautiful – I love it. 🙂

  6. Its beautiful. I LOVE the colour too!

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