A Bloggers worst nightmare!!

The unthinkable has happened, I have lost my camera.

I have looked everywhere, in every draw, under every chair and on top of every shelf and still it is lost. I have now got to the point where I am just wandering aimlessly around the house as I have looked in every conceivable spot possible.

I remember taking photos of my new crochet project but from there it seems to have grown legs and walked away. Or as I fear a little pair of legs who is now tall enough to reach table tops has gotten her little fingers on it and walked it away.

Following this theory I have crawled around the whole house at her level but still nothing. I have made Mr C check his car on the hope it fell out of my bag in there but once again no luck.

I do not no where to look anymore. Where do you look when you have looked everywhere. Oh its giving me such a headache. I have now unfortunately gotten to the point where I shall just have to wait until it turns up if it ever does. So saying that I fear I may be taking an unscheduled break from blogging. I do hope to be back with you soon but it’s not looking likely at this stage. I will however keep popping in on your great blogs and reading all your crochet adventures. Until the camera appears au revoir and Love to all





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4 responses to “A Bloggers worst nightmare!!

  1. Absurd as It may sound… Look in The UNCONCEIVABLE places. There is no logical reason for this. Maybe you had it in your hands and had to leave it aside for some other prompt reason. With children around the house everything is possible. Fridge, shoe drawers, laundry room, storage places, bags, purses, yarn boxes or bags, hook cases. The Kind of places where logic indicates crazyness….
    Good luck in The quest of your camera.
    I love you blog and your creations.

  2. When we (when I say we, I mean my husband) lose things, they are usually in the pocket of a dressing gown or in the recycling bin. Good luck!

  3. The ladies are right. I have found missing things in the bathroom closet, the refridgerator, even the freezer. Little people have a way of ‘putting’ things away for us. Good luck. Do you have a phone with a camera? My camera is broken and I have been using my phone. The photos are pretty good quality.

  4. Gosh, this is too bad! 😦 Good luck with finding back your camera!!!

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