I’m back

I found it!!! I had given up the search and had pretty much come to the conclusion that I must have left it outside while taking photos and it had grown legs and walked away. But I’m not really the sort of person that loses important things (besides car keys. I always misplace car keys) so I decided it had to be under the computer desk. It just had to have fallen down. In my mind I would have put it on the computer desk and no where else. Even though I had already checked and double checked under there. I had pulled out everything that we hide under there and still no camera. I decided to check again and what do you know as I was pulling out one of those bags that hides paperwork under the desk out fell my camera. YIPPEEE!!! I can blog again and more importantly take photos of our wonderful children who seem to be growing all to quickly.

With finding the camera I am finally able to show you my last little crochet project. It’s more toys, I’m getting a lot of requests for toys at the moment so they seem to always be on my hook. But I’m sure you wont mind. Toys are cute and fun. And just pure eye candy for crochet addicts like myself.

These 2 little guys were requested 1 for a girl and 1 for a boy, I love the idea of a Pegasus for a boy. I mean disney thought a Pegasus was fit for hercules so what little boy doesn’t deserve there very own winged immortal horse.
But of course we all know I love my little girl toys and pretty in pink always screams princess to me.

I have also been working on my own little pattern for a toy. It’s coming along slowly very slowly. I don’t have much time now a days for what I’m calling free crochet but every moment I’m getting I’m working on him and finally I have a head, eyes and nose.

I can’t wait to have him finished and show you all.

Love to all




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4 responses to “I’m back

  1. Definitely eye candy – especially Pegasus! =D

  2. It’s going to be finish of mine day, except before ending I am reading this great paragraph to improve my experience.

  3. I am way to late to say HURRAY you are back! Love to see the pictures of your work:)

  4. Jenny

    Omg, Beberouge, these are so cute! I can only hope my future children wil have such a crafty and talented mother haha.

    Beberouge I was wondering if I could maybe get some help? I’m working on an ‘out and about’ atm, and a part of the app will have bloggers recommending 5-10 places in their city to check out for all sorts of things from craft to shopping to eating and everything in between, I was wondering if you might recommend maybe a few places you love? I will put links to your blog on the app and drive more traffic your way. We have over 3,000 people signed up to download the app already and it hasn’t even launched yet (we’re super excited!)
    If you don’t mind and you’re happy to be a part of it all, Beberouge, just pop on here -https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dG93enNmdHRPOTVuUWVqOFJMUElibnc6MQ
    or you can email me on jenny@heylets.com xx

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