Quiet on the blog, busy in life

I know I seem to be blogging less and less of late and I feel a pang of guilt about not keeping up with all the lovely talented ladies out there. But I seem to have fallen into the handmade market place all by accident. I made something people liked and have gone crazy for and before I knew it orders for all types of crochet toys were coming in and keeping me busy.

I really haven’t had any time to make anything that is not an order but I don’t mind a little extra cash goes a long way in our home and with Christmas coming up and our engagement party it’s all very welcome.

I have been making the same toy over and over again lately hence not blogging about it, but I have had a special order that I have been working on the last week and it’s all finished. The customer is very please so I can now share it with you.

A dragon and a dinosaur were requested with different colour combos for both.

I had so much fun working on the dragon. Many a drawing and a scribble were needed to work out those wings but I’m so glad I persisted with my vision they turned out just how I envisioned and exactly what the customer wanted. I couldn’t be happier and I bet two little boys will be over the moon with their new toys.

Another custom order has just come in so I will be back to share as soon as time allows.

Love to all


P.S. I would also like to thank the lovely Kiotta for nominating me for the wonderful team member readership award. I feel very special to be included in Kiotta’s list and will be back to pass it along to my lovely readers soon.




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5 responses to “Quiet on the blog, busy in life

  1. Great designs! And obviously you’re not letting too much blogging get in the way of creativity … sometimes I think blogging gives us too easy an excuse to procastinate! =D

  2. That dinosaur is brilliant…no wonder the orders are pouring in! Jill x

  3. That dragon is fantastic!! You are so clever

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks a lot for sharing at my link party. Hope to see you back again next week.
    Enjoy your day!
    Best wishes from Holland,

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