Daisy Doo

She’s here!! Ever since I made Iggle Piggle I have been meaning to make an upsy daisy. But as with a lot of crochet these days – unless it’s an order it – doesn’t get done. Well someone ordered and upsy daisy!! and I jumped at the chance to crochet her.

She is my own design and she took many hours and lots of brain power to figure out. Her body is based off my Dorothy pattern (with a few alterations) and her head is a sphere all quiet easy really. But that hair!! That hair took almost a day to figure out. Gasp. Yep I just couldn’t get it right. I spent many hours crocheting – unraveling, crocheting – unraveling until I finally called it quits for the day and went to bed. Well somewhere in the night I had a brilliant idea and with hook in hand in the morning it took just one go and I had upsy daisy’s hair. I guess the light of a new day really helps sometimes. I’m incredibly proud of her and my ability to make patterns up is growing in leaps and bounds as I discover new ways to crochet shapes. This is what I love most about creating. Discovering new skills and techniques!! I hope you like upsy daisy too and when time permits I think little princess must have her own upsy daisy too. If you haven’t already check out my facebook page you can find iggle piggle over there too.

Love to all




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3 responses to “Daisy Doo

  1. She is wonderful. Great work.

  2. Oh my goodness what a lovely labour of love! She is so sweet! I bet these will be on a lot of Christmas lists 🙂
    Jill x

  3. Very cute. You are so clever. 🙂

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