A call for pattern testers and a new pattern

Deary me, what a season of sniffles. I am suffering terribly from hay fever and sinus at the moment and I don’t seem to be alone. Everyone I talk to seems to be saying this is the worst season!! As I write this I am trying and failing to resist the urge to scratch my eyes out. But as normal the crochet is still going on and I have been working on a new toy.

I used a new technique with this pattern and incorporated the colour change into the pattern, so his muzzel is crocheted all as part of his head. I really like this effect and have always wondered how to do it. Of course when you have wonderful crafty friends like me someone will always know. And this time it was Clair over at MissyMuh who showed me how to do this technique. As it was only a small surface I didn’t cut and tie off the  changed yarn though but left them in tact and made sure they were tight and could not slip. I think it’s worked well. The fabric seems solid and does not seem to have any spaces on the colour changes.

This little horse is for a little girl so I left her hair long, I think a boy might like a horse with more of a mohawk type hair what do you think?

And there she is a little horse for a little girl.

I’m currently working on having this pattern up for sale. It’s going through final corrections and will probably be ready end of January for testers to step forward. But right now I am on the hunt for testers for Peppa Pig. If you have had experience with making toys and would like to test this pattern please feel free to contact me for further details. The pattern is written in UK terminology and is made with 8ply yarn on a 3.5mm (US E) Hook. I’d love to hear from any eager testers.

Love to all




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6 responses to “A call for pattern testers and a new pattern

  1. The little horse looks cute – great work. 🙂

  2. Sooo cute. It´s perfect, well done!!

  3. francesca zini

    Hi, I’m writing from Italy.
    I would be glad to test your peppa pig pattern!
    (This is what I do, just to know me better:
    SHOP http://www.etsy.com/shop/ZuccaPelata)
    I hope to hear from you soon! Francesca

  4. Freddi Jeffries

    Hi, I’d love to test the horse when she’s ready to go!

  5. “A call for pattern testers and a new pattern | beberouge” was in fact a good posting.
    If only there were a lot more sites like this amazing one in the actual internet.
    Well, thank you for ur time, Yasmin

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