Hello Again

Oh wow hasn’t it been a long time since I stopped by. I feel like I have missed out on so much in blog land. I have not done any swaps and I see stocki’s beautiful blogger blanket is underway and I haven’t even signed up :(. But I have been so very busy. So very very busy with a little something special.

Our Wedding

And I should warn you this is going to be a very photo heavy post but I do hope you enjoy 🙂




On January 19th Mr C and I said ‘I do’ well actually in Australia we say ‘I will’ but the point is we made it down the aisle and we are now ‘newlyweds’ . . . with children.

It was an amazing wedding and the reason I have been so busy planning this wedding is because we mainly did everything ourselves.

I spent 6 months before the wedding, working on a mass of DIY wedding projects. I was also very lucky to have amazing family and friends who helped at every stage.


My amazing bridesmaids and mother in law who helped me cut out over 200 love hearts from glitter paper to form our backdrop that we got married in front of



We also made our own favors which were coffee beans and hot chocolate. Mr C and I met over coffee and felt this was very us a celebration of the first drink we had together.


013_CJ_CWe also had a photo booth, but instead of paying $$$ we decided to do it our selves. I built a kissing booth and painted it with the help of my lovely sister and Mr C even sawed a piece of wood the day before the wedding to act like a shelf. Sadly I was having my nails done and missed the first and only time I think I will ever see Mr C sawing a piece of wood. At the wedding we placed a digital camera and props for everyone to use and enjoy after the wedding we set up a facebook album for everyone to enjoy their pics. It worked great and there were so many great pics.



I also did what all the wedding blogs were saying was a major ‘no no’ but I made all of our bouquets myself. I also added a photo of my mum to my bouquet so even though she wasn’t there to walk me down the aisle she came with me anyways.


I had a friend the same one who took all the wonderful photos design our wedding invites and then my bridesmaids and I cut and glued them all together. Writing this I can’t actually believe in the space of 6 months we managed to pull this off and yes at times it was so stressful but the end result was every thing I could of wanted plus more.


041_CJ_C 070_CJ_C018_CJ_C

Our wedding was totally us!! And we loved every minute of it I could talk about it for ever.

274_CJ_CBut this is not a wedding blog it is a crafty blog and during all this maddness of wedding planning, I have also been crocheting up orders another rainbow blanket was made for a new baby in our friendship family and might I just say baby liv is so incredibly beautiful I want to make her a heap more things already. I have also started another baby blanket for my best friend who is finally having her 1st baby, a boy. I think I may be as excited as the mummy and daddy to be about this little baby. I have a million ideas running through my head about what this baby needs to be made. So I shall return to normal programming and bring you the crafty goodies all to soon.

P.S all the amazing photos were taken by the very talented Clair from See be art who I am lucky enough to have as a close crafty girl pal, but I highly recommend her for your wedding or family photos. She is wonderful to work with and takes the most stunning photos of all the details of your wedding, you will truly have every part of your day captured to remember for ever.



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4 responses to “Hello Again

  1. Lorraine

    Congratulations to you both! So glad you enjoyed your day.

  2. Congratulations to you all. What beautiful creations. Love your dresses and all the fun little extras. Hugs xoxoxox

  3. COngratulations! Everything looks wonderful!

  4. Wow, what a beautiful wedding! I love your idea of making a DIY photo booth. I think it’s brilliant when we creative souls can make things for next to nothing which the “wedding machine” would have us pay through the nose for… bravo!

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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