Crocheting away

timmy time

So while planning for our wedding I was busy hooking away too. But mostly just the same characters over and over again. That’s what happens when you begin to sell your creations. And for the most part I find joy in each character I make but there is a few fiddly little bits that I wish didn’t come with it. Like sewing toes together or weaving in ends, but on the whole it’s still enjoyable to crochet orders. But what is even more enjoyable is getting a new character to make and I have had a couple in the last few months. I love when someone asks for a new character. I’m not someone who can draw, the best I can manage is a pretty ghastly looking stick figure so my design process comes straight from my head to the my hook. This sometimes means getting proportions right can be a struggle but the more I design my own toys the more I’m getting better at it. This new character was simply a delight to work on. I even got to learn a new stitch – Loop stitch. Which I used to create his fur, did you know when you work this stitch in the round it actually ends up on the inside and you need to turn him inside out, see learning new things all the time.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday where ever you are, it’s coffee for me this monday 🙂

Love to all



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One response to “Crocheting away

  1. Oh I love the little sheep.
    And I love the thought of loop stitch.
    I think I might have to have a go at that one.

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