A new family member.

I can not believe I have not shown you our new family member sooner, I don’t know why I haven’t she is just adorable and has fit into our family so wonderfully. About a month ago now we made our way down to a local shelter and picked out our furry friend. She wasn’t quiet ready to come home on that day so we popped a deposit on and went to buy her all the new things she would need to be happy in her new home. A week went by, with great anticipation and excitement, Saturday morning came and we went out to our usual coffee spot and then headed back to the shelter to pick up our new family member.



She was about 4 months when she came to live with us. She is incredibly gentle with the kids, prefers the boys over the little princess who has been caught a number of times pulling her tail. But Starbuck is happy to just walk away from her. Though when it’s little princess’ bedtime you can find Starbuck on one side of the door and Little Princess on the other side both meowing to each other and trying to reach each other under the door. Its all very cute. I think it may be a bit of a love/hate relationship at the moment though.

starbuck 4

And of course Starbuck also likes to help me crochet I can’t say this ‘help’ is very productive, it may in fact be even less productive then the help little princess gives. But it is cute none the less.  She is very much still a kitten and can be seen running through the house climbing the walls and bouncing about. We recently popped her collar and bell on to get her used them for when it’s time to venture outside. So she can now be heard jingling around the house with her little bell on. Which I believe may just be driving Mr C up the wall but amazingly isn’t bothering me at all. Maybe because I’m home all the time I have gotten use to it very quickly.

Though she does like to come and have a cuddle at night, though she usually waits for all the kiddies to be in bed the other night, she popped up on one side of me and little princess was on the other side and they held paws/hands while we watched the tele.

starbuck 3Can you say aww

Starbuck2She also likes to sew. This was the view I got when I removed me sewing the other night. She really is adorable and most nights now she sleeps on my side of the bed and so does little princess so you can imagine I don’t get much bed 🙂 With all the help Starbuck has been giving 🙂 I also have some new crochet just finished yesterday.

I was asked by a customer to make a Minnie Mouse set in classic red and black with polka dots of course. I used this pattern though I heavily improvised and the hat doesn’t follow the pattern at all. The little booties are a pattern from here, but I made them bigger as the 6 – 12 months didn’t work out to the size I thought I would need. All the buttons were inherited from my mums button stash. I love it!! It is too adorable. It think I might need to make my little princess something very similiar.

Minnie Mouse set

Well I still have so much going on at the moment. It never seems to end around here with the craft that needs to be done and of course you know the running of the house and looking after the kiddies. I just don’t know how other mummies do it . For me I’m off now.

Love to all xx



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4 responses to “A new family member.

  1. She’s so sweet! I love the Minnie outfit too 🙂

  2. Oh she is lovely. I hear you on the love/hate thing. My little helper certainly uses up here cute cards around here. She is so naughty. LOL I have had to hide my yarn and keep the craft room door closed.

  3. very cute. From now on you just have to watch your yarn balls. hahaha

  4. Amazing costume! Well done it looks beautifully done.

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