February Crochet

Back in February, that 4 months ago. Oh my can you believe we are in April. The 4th month of the year. Time is flying around here, I still haven’t even sent out our thank-yous for our wedding in January. It has just be so busy since the wedding but I really need to get on to that. It’s just been so busy, 2 weeks after the wedding I got my tonsils out. After being on the waiting list for little over 2 and half years. Though I have needed my tonsils out since I was a kid. I have the kinda tonsils that look like the are cutting off my airway even when I’m healthy so it’s been a long time coming. The surgery wasn’t too bad and neither was the pain, but it took me a full 2 weeks to recover, some said this was due to the general anesthics. Apparently sometimes they can knock you for six and mine sure did.

After that it was out little princess’  2nd bday. We celebrated with a low key family event and a princess birthday cake of course. Shortly followed was the eldest’s B’s 7th Birthday. So we headed off to laser tag with 9 of his school friends and of course Mr C played as well. Straight after B’s birthday it’s Mr C’s birthday and I gifted him with a coffee machince which is AWESOME. I also gave him the newest book in his favourite series The Dark Towers.  And now I’m working on gifts for my bf’s baby shower next weekend. And all these things seem to happen within a couple of weeks of each other. But I will get on to those thank-you’s it’s driving me crazy. But now I will show you some crochet. Of course

As I was saying back in feb over on the facebook page (do pop by if you haven’t done so before) I recieved a message with a special request. To make this little guy into a amugurumi gift for her partner for valentines Day. Aww how sweet. I’d love to gift Mr C with a crochet gift for valentines or any occassion actually but I can never think of anything to make. So I jumped at the chance to make this little guy and for a romantic occassion too ohlala.  His from a playstation game called Ni No Kuni. I’ve never done a gaming character before but the way my partner loves to game I really should have made many. But I’m not a gamer and have no idea of any of the characters in any of the games he plays. Though I do know that a mirror dropped for him today and that’s a very rare drop. So it’s super exciting. All you gaming WAGS out there will be able to have a little laugh at that one. IMG_4504

  I do hope her partner had an awesome valentines day. Maybe him and his new toy even play the playstation together now. Aww how cute.

Love to all



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