Saturday crochet, knitting and tea drinking

Currently I am sitting on the couch sipping my Chai latte and I have just put the last stitches onto two finished projects. I know, I know I can’t believe it either. Lately I have been working on 2 big projects. The hexagon paper quilt and a crochet blanket I started using 100% cotton. More of those to come though. Today I thought I would show you a finished project that seriously only took a night to finish and that was with working out the pattern for myself. However you can buy the pattern here. All of her patterns are beautiful and I would like them all!!

bear hoodie

It took some coaxing for little princess to actually pop it on her head. Both of the boys had to ‘try’ it first. And of course she is also not a very co-operative model. My eldest son B will gladly pose all day long to have his photo taken and his very photogenic if I do say so myself. However little princess wants to be looking at the back of the camera not having her picture taken. Which normally means I get a picture up close of her nose. I’ve also started knitting this cardigan for little princess too. I’ve already had to frog it once after knitting it on the recommended needle size but not doing gauge swatch. Well after knitting 2/3 a cardigan and it neraly fitting me I have learned my lessong and have a knit a gauge swatch so hopefully in a week I’ll be able to show you a finished cardigan on a not so eager model and more of those blankets too.

Love to all




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3 responses to “Saturday crochet, knitting and tea drinking

  1. Your little girl is such a cutie!

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