Lace Bonnet

If you are a liker over on the facebook page you would know last night I finished a lace bonnet and I was so happy I did a little dance. A Crafty friend of mine who usually makes wonderful photo props for a photographer friend of hers had a request for a lace bonnet, but unfortunately she didn’t have the time to make one so she asked if I could maybe, possibly take the order on. And so I had the task of knitting lace for the 1st time. I say for the 1st time, but I have knitted lace before but only ever on the sleeves or edges of a cardigan nothing this involved. The pattern the photographer had didn’t have sizing either so I began the search for a similar bonnet to knit in a size to fit a 3 month old. Yet I couldn’t find anything I liked. Everything was too chunky, not chunky enough, no frill, too much frill, nothing was just right. So instead I thought hey I’ll just make it up. Why not.

I found this lace pattern No.23 and this bonnet pattern and decided to use them both. I used the lace pattern to create the effect I wanted and the gauge and sizing from the  bonnet pattern and ta-dah!!!



It worked, It bloody worked. And not only did it work I’m smitten with it. I think I might need to do another little dance. The lace wasn’t too hard to memorize the rows, but it required serious concentration. No children and no tele in the background. I already want to make another one. The yarn I used  was Moda Vera Willowy  and it was  simply delicious even if a little difficult to knit with. It’s a little splitty, but it has a beautiful shine to it that gives the whole bonnet that vintage feel. It was also the first time I have knit whit 4ply and I had always thought 4ply would be hard and take forever to knit with, but I loved it. It’s so delicate and gives the whole thing an air of sophistication. All in all I think you can tell I love this bonnet and I do hope Esme’s friends likes it too.


Love to all




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2 responses to “Lace Bonnet

  1. It’s lovely, so sweet!

your lovely thoughts are much loved xx

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